Communication Skills – How to Improve

We can safely say that communication skills, among other things, played a major role in the recent US presidential election. Opportunities are gained and lost due to speech and student skills. We can all be better in this. Here are five ideas for better communication.

first There is no good comment.

All right, listen to the people. It's okay to say "I do not know," for a while.

2nd Keep non-verbal signs within the "normal" range.

Behavioral psychologists suggest that the average length of the smile should be about 1.5 seconds, but in the US presidential campaign, Mitt Romney usually smiled for 10 seconds at a time.

3rd All right, do not tell me everything I remember.

Recently, Miss Teen USA has been called upon by Protestants to comment on Americans who can not find their own country on the map. He said, "Personally, I think American Americans are unable to do so because some people in our nation have no maps and I think our education, like South Africa and Iraq, everywhere, like …" , then stopped listening.

4th Set up your email to communicate 50 times a day.

Signature file is a piece of text that is automatically added to the bottom of your email. Surprisingly, intelligent people do not include their area number, physical address, and other identifiers.

5th Pause Before Conversation

Wait for two seconds before responding personally and by phone. Extra time helps others to actually listen to them and help them to formulate a smarter answer.

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