Communication Skills – Explain what it means and what you say

When using our communication skills and capabilities, we say something is as important as what we are saying. Body language is an extremely important part of communication. In fact, studies have been conducted that show that when communicating in a communication process, the receiver literally receives 7% of the message. The other 93% are received on the non-verbal aspect of the message.

We also get dress, gestures, facial expressions, posture and exercise when we communicate with someone orally. That is why it is very important for our actions and non-verbal signals to be consistent with what we say. If our words do not match our non-verbal signals, we'll mix the person we're trying to communicate with. When the student receives the signals, this happens when a misunderstanding occurs.

The idea of ​​successful attire is based on the idea of ​​how people read human depiction. Like verbal symbols and signatures, non-verbal symbols, such as clothing choices, send you a message about who you are. For example, in the traditional business world it is presumed how conservative a costume determines how business orientation is. I do not agree with this, but this is a fact in the traditional working conditions. You can go for a job interview with the best run, but if you're dressing badly, you will not get a seat. On the other hand, you may be half-decent to restart and dress up for nine and get the position. This is based on the physical sign that says yes. I dressed up to know that I want the job.

The same applies to how to say something. If we show physical fitness with the chips and the soda in his hand, and we'll catch those who will think we're a fitness guru. Our nonverbal indications do not match what comes from our mouth.

When someone says what it means and means what they say, they are powerful communicators. The sent message is clear to the buyer. The information is sent so that the receiver can not confuse the signals. The body language, the facial expressions, the sound, and the voice of the dress are the same as those spoken. At the same time, we must be cautious when communicating with others so that the physical elements of a person do not become more important than what they say. People do not have to formulate certain things in a certain way. We are at risk of stereotyping if we restrict our communication interpretation.

We do not wear, and even the same shoes we do not like to talk less about the same style. This does not require less effective communicators. This, in turn, means that the person who behaves differently, is more innovative and creative. You can see the world by signs and symbols. This can not be a bad thing; in fact, it could create a much more interesting place for the world to live. As long as you understand what you are saying and you understand your answer, it's a long-term perspective. This is the basis for effective communication. The sender and the customer both understand the transmitted message.

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