Communication Skills – Communicating on the Way to Hell and Avoiding It

Is communication good-natured? When communication intent does not mean anything, communication is the answer it generates.

What do I mean by that? Let me show you an extreme example; if you go to someone you care about, he told you that you love them, and the steps to find a big stick do not necessarily love them. The fact that they wanted to feel them means nothing.

Reaction was not a feeling of love. The result file. It's not the fault of the others that the communication did not feel them beloved. If you want to feel, you have to change what you are saying or in what you do with your big stick.

Same is the case with normal communication. If the message you are sending does not produce the intended result, you have to change what you say and say until you get the desired result.

So when you're communicating, make sure your results match your intentions. Be aware of the communication generated by the communication. Make sure people understand clearly and ask them to repeat what they think if needed.

If the answer you received is not what you expect or want, then I will be honest and have the responsibility to understand. When it is clear that the message is not understood, he says, "I'm sorry I did not make it clear what I wanted to say …" and rephrased it. Find a way to say things that stand in front of you.

Fortunately most of our communications are simple and no deep analysis is required. For example, "Andrew, make sure you send a fax to John Johnson tonight today is not going to cause much confusion, provided that, of course, you both understand Mr. Johnson.

However, when misunderstandings occur, it is important to note that the meaning of communication is the response generations. A great communicator must understand this principle and practice it. Take responsibility for understanding.

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