Communication Problems in Connections: 3 Ways to Address Communication Problems in Connections

The communication problems of relationships are the primary causes of unsuccessful marriages, broken hearts, and ruined dreams. In order to ensure that your relationships do not conflict with or burn out of these problems, you must shape good communication skills in relationships. This is the first step to creating a happy relationship. In romantic relationships, good communication has 3 basic skills or communication skills that are:

1. Clarity

Do you think you've made it clear to yourself? Think again! Double check. Make sure the other person really understands what you want. Try recording your conversations with your lover or friends and then rewrite the recording. If you see what is being described, then we understand why there are such communication problems in your relationships. We are so lazy with thinking and explanation. We leave semi-prepared sentences and expect our partners to complete the sentence. They often do it. But do not be surprised if they are done differently than you would have done otherwise. She says, Honey, who wants to buy the garbage …? & # 39; (which means tonight that the garbage truck comes). She thinks, "Yes, I'll take the rubbish tomorrow." Unless you are a super psychic, you can not expect your partner to be a spiritual reader. Let your thoughts and words be clear. And of course it works in both directions. Make sure you are aware that you are aware of what your partner is communicating and asking.

2nd Specificity

Successful gurus confirm what the military has long known for being mind-boggling with purely specific commands. It's no different in relationships. If you have specific needs, you need to communicate these specific needs with your partner. It's not good to say, I'd like you to have some nice weekend and complain when you head to Dunkin & Donuts. It will be a great help if you can say that I really want to go this weekend, just the two of us, so we can connect in intimate ways again. Go on Lake Whatever for Friday night and book in the sweet little motel, The Love Inn, on the 95th Highway. Let's take a bottle of champagne, order pizza, and add exotic massages to candles. & # 39; The lighter and more precise the expression of your thoughts, feelings and desires, the less room for communication communication problems.

3rd Honesty

Honesty is not a blunt tool you use to beat your partner over the head. Honesty in contact is first of all honesty. This requires self-knowledge … and self-knowledge comes from a non-judgmental observation of mind and action. Taking into consideration your mind, your emotions, like a passive witness, sat in the back of a movie theater that looks at the everyday life movie. From this bigger perspective you can truly be honest with yourself. From this greater self-understanding you will understand the others more. And you can communicate sincerely and kindly. Sincerity must always be a desire for love and love for relationships. There are ways to be honest, without causing pain to others. This kind of honesty will end with the communication problems of relationships.

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