Communication: Is It Important to Approach Others?

If someone had to go to camping in the middle and had no food, they should find something to eat. Where they are, the foods they need are not passed on to them.

Just as someone goes to a social club or an event, you probably have to make an effort. This is not the case if it is extremely attractive or famous.

At the edge of the track

If they were surrounded and not connected with others, they might feel as if they were ignored. Then they will see that others speak and have good time.

In addition to ignoring it, we may feel as if you would not be there and want to go away. Their mind is busy creating a whole story that moves around.

Illumination of the Flame

If they want to be involved and no longer want to be on the side they are looking for, it is essential to act. Instead of waiting passively for something to happen, they will be the ones who will do something.

Coming from this place also means focusing on what they can give and not what they can buy. Their entire energy then moves away and is less likely to have dehydrating effects on others.

An Option

What we can do is talk to people as they arrive, as this prevents their minds. Then they arrive at the scene and they can't afford to lose their energy a little while waiting for others to get in touch.

If they had to wait and allow their energy to drop, it would probably be much more difficult for them to move again. The reason for their mind is why not do anything.

The main topic

When talking to people when they come, it doesn't really matter what they say; it is essential that they are in the right place. When their energy is right and they feel good, everything convinced that they are well-dressed, everything else just flows.

Their body language finally takes care of themselves, and other people may be happy to see their own mood. Saying that & # 39; hey & # 39; or, for example, can everything be enough to get the ball.

An important point

But, no matter how good their mood is, it doesn't mean that everyone they approach will be sensitive. There are several reasons why another person may not respond positively.

This person may have a bad day, or maybe they do not have very good social skills, or remind them that someone has a bad experience in the past. The key will be to do everything they can to make this experience go through and move on.


Initially, we find that such a challenge is a challenge for them. This is because they will behave in a way that is not familiar and for the ego mind, which is not familiar, is a threat to survival.

We see this as a process and not something that happens immediately. If you do not have this approach and expect it to happen immediately, you can weigh it down and abandon it completely.

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