Communication Capabilities

Communication from one person to another person or group of people. In other words, communication discusses people, information, and often requires action. Communication involves transferring the message and another person or group who receives the message. This may be speaking and listening, presenting and observing, writing or reading. Communication creates a node that will sometimes talk and others are listening – it's certainly not a one-way traffic.

With whom can you communicate? Individuals can be colleagues, suppliers, and clients, but do they communicate with them or use a different approach? Very often, the communication method has to be changed, depending on who you are talking to. How can you improve your communication skills while improving body language? Here are some ideas.

– Never use a negative language, keep it positive,

– Use the language of thought correctly, use the level of communication, use the jargon, learn the language and change the language where possible, make it simpler.

– If you want to make a report, use short sentences and keep the paragraphs short and hard. If the audience reads only the first page, do not get the best ideas on page 10. If only time is available to read bullet points, this is necessary.

– Use images, photos, or charts, if possible, to translate messages and

– Always ask for feedback to make sure the audience understands the attempted broadcast.

Most important of all, I do not think you know everything you need to know – just as good as your next conversation, so be prepared.

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