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The mobile industry has shown roughness and stability over the last ten years, enough for the skeptics to sit down and get the most relief. Ever since the launch of the first mobile phone in the world, the product was a continuous development process. Things have started to go further to the industry with the very favorable atmosphere of the technology support available to the manufacturers concerned. The growth chart has gained a positive escalation, as new players have joined the progressive industry from time to time. The result was the creation of a competitive environment that prompted participating players to renounce each other in the most advanced mobile phones. Big names like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson have named their name and created great fan followers in the world.

As time went on, the development system took on an angry character and opened up new opportunities for manufacturers. This signaled a huge transformation of the already known wireless communication tools through the introduction of better technologies. So what was the characteristic that an especially targeted device, such as a music system or a digital camera, soon saw the way for cell phones to add more pizazz to the cellular experience. As a result, mobile phones have now begun to enter the market with integrated music players, high-fidelity sound, camera phones, to question decent-offered digital cameras and even PDA phones to include laptops and computers. These experiments were welcomed by consumers with open arms, which encouraged manufacturers to make further improvements to their technology and to find better phones from time to time.

With periodic enhancements, their years of mobile phones have been fashionably transformed into multi-purpose devices that have awesome capabilities to gain the heart of mobile lovers worldwide.

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