Car Stereo Repair

Have you ever been worried about trying to work on your car parts? Because I think many of us car owners have experienced this problem, I give this description how to diagnose the problem of silent speakers and give some ideas for repair. Whether you know the car's stereo repair or not, it can help. If not, contact a trader who can complete the automatic stereo repair or search for online stereo repair. If the stereo speakers do not work, try

  • to check the loudspeakers for
  • to check all fuses for car speakers
  • to tighten the screw connections to the loudspeakers
  • or to some screw connectors

loudspeakers still do not work, we recommend that you test non-direct automatic loudspeakers:

  • Disconnect any loudspeaker that does not work from the car wiring and do the following test, do it at the same time.
  • Use a 9V battery and connect the wires to each speaker for short duration testing.
    • Is the loudspeaker moving?
    • Do you hear the sound that is usually "pop or punched"

    If the answers to the above questions are "yes", the loudspeaker is likely to be able to make a voice and is likely to work

  • If the speaker cone is switched off from the basket, the positive position of the battery is the position of the loudspeaker in the direction of the loudspeaker, regardless of whether it is under the test or out of the frame,

This speaker direct test results in two possible results: either the loudspeaker is not capable of sounding or not. If this is the first one, then the loudspeaker is connected to the loudspeaker. the loudspeaker is dead and needs to be replaced. If this is the case, then

  • is a new loudspeaker you must run and restart
  • "popper" tests to make the polarity correct as described above

Now if this problem persists, you can at least acknowledge that the reason is not the speaker. The reason for this is probably one of the following: either the

  • issues cause the package itself or
  • the connection on board.

In this case, I suggest contacting the vehicle's stereo repair shop or searching online for troubleshooting information.

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