Car Speaker Noise – How To Fix It

There are several audio sources in the car audio setting. In this article, I will talk about where the car speakers produce noises that seem to increase if they "swap" the engine. You can learn how to eliminate this disturbing noise and enjoy your music.

First you need to understand that this is simply interference or induced noise. The induced noise sounds like it jumps, jumps, rattles, buzzes, whistles, or whines. This noise comes from sources such as generators, car wiring, amplifiers, and so on. This means that the problem can be solved by the source. You just have to find it now.

Network line disturbances (such as problems with generators) can be solved by adding a capacitor or network lead to the live source of the suspicious component.

Another area to be mapped on the ground, also known as ground wire, radio, or head unit on the back. Try new ground or ground wire from the rear of the radio to a new position (ground) into the car's casing and replace the existing ground wire.

If an amplifier is installed, make sure the RCA cables running from the headunit to the amplifier are of good quality. Be sure to drive along the car away from the car wires and away from the amplifier power cord. To test, try to run the RCA cable loosely between the head unit and the amplifier without running under the carpet. With the "Rev" engine, the radio is low in volume and see if noise has disappeared.

If it still is, contact a car radio expert. There are some things in the car radio that require peer evaluation. It can be a serious problem. A good car expert is better prepared to diagnose the problem.

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