Can you hear me now?

Effective Preparation = Effective Microphone Usage Presentations

Are you ready for a conference or large business gathering?

If so, you may need to use a microphone to allow audiences to listen and participate in your presentation.

Three tips to help effectively display a microphone and make it easy for the audience to understand and evaluate the message.

first Tip: Understanding the Use of the Microphone

Recording an Audiovisual Engineer to confirm that you are using the microphone. If you talk at a conference, then it will be yours. Make sure you meet them before the conversation. Find out if the microphone features, such as volume, are remotely controlled. Otherwise, they must demonstrate its proper use, including turning it on and off.

Before using the presentation, ask for a manual model or a plug-in microphone. This knowledge helps to choose the most appropriate dress – usually an important aspect for women.

If the microphone needs to be attached to your clothing, choose a dress that allows easy connection of the device. Make sure the microphone securely clings to your clothing and does not move when bending or moving.

If you do not have an audiovisual specialist to remotely control the microphone functions,

Tip # 2: Practice

Practice on the spot to facilitate the microphone.


· That the microphone does not provide feedback to make your voice sound through the audio system

· Sound quality with another person in different areas of the room to know that the entire audience will be able to listen

Handheld Microphones

When using portable models, practice it while displaying visual aids or using a PowerPoint remote control. This will help you make it more comfortable and create your confidence by using the microphone in the presentation.

Another person should check that the loudspeaker is properly positioned for listening in all parts of the room, and that the use or volume of the microphone does not generate strange echoes or feedback.

Trying to see a full presentation will allow you to verify that the microphone is a battery in the connected talk time. For extended presentations, you can judge whether there is a need for scheduling to replace the power supply.

3rd Tip: Turn off the microphone properly

For longer presentations, hold the tabs on your audience and turn off the microphone when you do not show the group. This is crucial during the transition or while the audience is engaged in group activities. This ensures that no unpleasant accidents are generated, but can save battery life in wireless models.

All audiences can tell the story of a terrible faux pas where the microphone was left in the unpleasant remarks. Make sure you always turn off the microphone when it is not in use.

Use the following tips to make the microphone more comfortable during the presentation. By meeting a more comfortable feeling than a well-known and confident loudspeaker.

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