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BlackBerry is a brand of mobile devices that Research In Motion launched in 2002 with the launch of the BlackBerry Smartphone, the first smartphone to reach the market.

Compared to other mobile devices offering just such simple features as phone calls and text messages; Smartphones have bought more features in the mobile devices market such as full email, web browsing, and calendar. Blackberry also has software that has enabled the device to synchronize with the desktop computer, making it an ideal business environment.

BlackBerry's real-time e-mail feature is probably the most important feature that has led to a sudden increase in popularity, and the nickname "CrackBerry" approached for the BlackBerry, later the 2006 Word Of The Year.

In a business environment, the BlackBerry device is integrated into the organization's email system through RIM's "BlackBerry Enterprise Server", enabling staff to send and receive business emails with a single mailbox – even if there is no access to your computer.

BlackBerry data (such as email, calendar, contacts, etc.) Synchronization between your computer and BlackBerry is done by connecting your BlackBerry device to the computer and synchronizing the supplied software. Then you need to specify which data you want to transfer (such as calendar, contacts, and email) to create an IPD file that contains all the selected data. This single file is then used to update the target device, although it does not intend to open it.

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