Various people are looking for leadership positions for a variety of reasons! Some of these may be personal and / or self-service, while others believe they are well equipped to make meaningful differences right. That is why it is too easy to simplify this concept, saying that there are reasons to feel a leading role, which is significant, less respectable, and / or service oriented! With this in mind, this article tries to briefly examine, examine, consider and discuss the mnemonic approach, why it benefits organizations, from the right leadership

. Perceptions; Priorities: How can a leader, as effectively as possible, take into account his perception and stakeholder and creator's interests in a realistic, relevant way and concentrate on his energies? If it proceeds accordingly and objectively, it will be in a proper position, will recognize and focus on real priorities, consistently, relevantly and sustainably

. Relevant; Never become a real leader, unless the path he chooses is based on the relevant needs and will remain as good as possible, the best you can be!

3. objection; objectives; Opportunities: Too often, individuals in leadership positions try to avoid personal responsibility and / or blame, emphasize, avoid instead of addressing and responding to objections. It should be clear with the articulation of goals to attract others and this only happens when the potential leader opens his mind to consider the best, most respected opportunities and act accordingly. 19659002] 4. Planning; principles: Do you have the provision and maintain the quality principles, do the real leaders need it? Expand the limitations and limitations of the personal comfort zone, consider carefully matters and effective leadership, the finest driving planning

? Empathy; emphasis; excellence; enrichment; perseverance: A special type of person is needed to be strong, enough to admit, have no answers and continue, consistently listen and learn from every conversation and experience! This leads to true empathy. and direct the individual to focus on focusing on excellence and enriching the group. We have to admit that there are often obstacles that have been thrown in the road, and a suitable leader has internal inefficiency, demonstrate the required endurance, persevering to make a qualitative difference.

6. Realistic; Righteous Great leaders are righteous, rather focused on service rather than self-interest and / or personal agenda, but never self-justified because they believe they are better than others! If this is true with reality, man has the potential for leadership.

Is the leader responsive and prepared? Are you committed to perseverance, endurance, and personal excellence?

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