Best Android phones that are different from what they said

There are immaculately many mobile phones on the market. You probably heard or used Blackberry, Pearl, iPhone and Android mobile phones. Since many people are unfamiliar, Google's Android phones are great and widespread throughout the market. Among the available options of today's App App stores, how do you know the best Android phones?

Why Android Devices Are Popular

As mentioned earlier, Android mobile phones are on the market because many mobile phone manufacturers have their Android operating system phones. Typically, the best Android phones are as good and perfect as some of the other top-rated smart phones on the market.

The Best Android Phones

Some of the best Android phones available from the seller are:

* Sony Ericsson

The Xperia X10 Mini is a very popular and powerful Android device; this is the compact version of the original model. That's why they call us a mini phone. It works on Android 1.6, paired with the Ericsson Ericsson UX interface. The touch screen is 2 inches long. It has a 5 megapixel camera and headphone jack for the headset.

* Motorola Cliq

This is just one of the Motorola models running on the Android operating system. You can buy it via T-Mobile. The device has a release keypad. In addition, today's demand is high, as users can keep a lot of logging on their emails, text messages, and updates to their community network activity. For example, you can use Motorola Cliq to maintain up-to-date Facebook and Twitter sites. You can still access remotely from data stored on your phone.

* Acer Phone

Acer Liquid is often ignored as one of the best Android phones. Your device uses Android 2.1 operating system and a snapdragon processor; touch screen, Wi-Fi function, 5 megapixel camera, GPS function, headphone jack and microphone connector. You can easily make or receive hands-free calls at any time.

In fact, choosing one of the best Android phones makes life easier and more comfortable. You can easily read the Internet for reading e-mail, friendship, or video conferencing. You can also play your favorite games during your free time. There is no restriction on what you can do with this type of mobile device.

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