Benefits of Short Stories

A short story is a literary work that presents a series of events in a particular environment. These series of events are the author's powerful mind and fantasy products. They are the result of written contemplations and accomplishments, whether grim or happy. Short stories are the writer's emotions. Through the novels, the writer indirectly or directly expresses his ideas, convictions and beliefs on issues that are constantly confronted with society. Thus, stories are written for various purposes, such as inspiring, educating, entertaining and feeling their feelings.

Whatever the purpose of a particular story is, it is a very certainty that stories have many benefits for everyone.

Children's stories teach them the moral lessons they are planting into their young minds and think of them as older ones. They also help to enhance the imaginative thinking of children, which leads to creativity. According to some experts, children were imagined to think imaginatively while listening to or reading stories as the writer describes the setting, characters, and events that have been made in the story. In addition, children are taught to concentrate their attention on a particular subject, so if you are dealing with more complex ideas or emersions, you will not have any difficulty. One thing, their vocabulary will be developed. As a result, this will help them improve their communication skills both in verbal and written communication.

For older people, humorous stories are especially fun for people. Short stories may raise questions in people's lives and in society as well. Short stories allow them to live, even if the events of stories are not in real scenes; but there are life situations that can be related to these events. The readers are motivated to see and think about the realities of life. The other thing is that stories teach people to appreciate the beauty of life. The reason is that people talk about adventures of adventures. These characters serve to symbolize things in real society. Through these, writers connect the message their readers wanted to understand. Even though these stories do not exist in real life, their struggle can be compared to a real one.

The benefits mentioned above are only a few of the benefits of reading short stories. Given the benefits that stories can give, it is only right to infer that reading short stories is beneficial to everyone.

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