Basic Guide to 3G SIM Cards for Mobile Phones

3G SIM cards for mobile phones are becoming more and more popular these days. As with other SIM bids, this kind of mobile package allows you to keep your existing smartphone and take advantage of cost savings as your mobile charge is not charged. 3G SIM provides additional benefits for significantly improving performance of the phone. The following guide describes the need to know about 3G SIM cards, so you can decide if they are most suited to your needs.

Understanding 3G

In a nutshell, 3G is about the third generation – technology that allows you to use the Internet on your mobile phone or use mobile broadband on your laptop. As a successor to 2G, which simply handles calls, texts, and basic Internet access, 3G enables your smartphone to work 10 times faster on the Internet. The result is that you can watch high quality videos on YouTube, such as YouTube, or upload photos on Facebook, on the go. 3G also offers better quality calls than 2G.

Explanation of 3G SIM Cards

The 3G SIM card (also known as USIM) contains data that allows 3G mobile phones to access the 3G network. If your cell phone does not support 3G, however, the 3G SIM card serves as a standard SIM card for storing information. The difference between the traditional SIM and the 3G SIM is that the latter significantly improves the mobile experience. These are the most important advantages offered through traditional SIMs: USIM has a stronger algorithm based on the latest cryptological research. This protects your phone against fraudulent access and prevents the cost of unsolicited calls.

Additional memory

3G SIM cards can store thousands of entries and contacts with multiple fields (eg E-mail addresses and secondary phone numbers).

Added Performance Performance

USIM is actually mini-computers that allow you to run multiple applications at the same time, such as providing a contactless card for the underground, as well as an address book and a portal for local services. Getting a 3G SIM card for your cell phone

Checking for a 3G phone

The first step, before considering a 3G SIM business, make sure your phone supports 3G. Some large network service providers make this simple by offering a simple telephony site to add the make and model of the phone as a direct result of whether it supports 3G.

Unlocking Your Mobile Phone

You will then need to check if your phone is locked, so you only accept a SIM card from the service provider you originally received it. To do so, you need to add a DCK (Depersonalization Control Key) code to unlock the network – giving you simple instructions for locking.

Buying for the Best Deal

If you purchased a 3G mobile phone, you do not have to open it and continue shopping around the best 3G SIM deal available on the market. Considering the cheapest prices for calls, texts, the internet and other media, it's also wise to think about which packages are best suited to your usage habits and the payment method you require, such as a debit authorization or upload on your cash machines.

Keeping Your Existing Telephone Number

If you want to keep your existing phone number with a new 3G SIM card, contact your current mobile network and request a Port Certification Code (PAC). Then contact your selected 3G SIM dealer service provider and, after the transfer is completed, will usually be completed within 3 business days.


3G SIM cards are effectively the next generation to take advantage of all the powerful performance and functionality that Smartphones offer. Choosing the 3G SIM Business is also one of the most affordable way to pay for mobile services.

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