Bad Radio Advertisements

It's almost too easy … to choose radio ads, that is.

Advertising is the life of the radio. Without the radios getting out of business because they provide a large part of the operating dollars of the radios. If the radio stations pay attention to the quality of the commercials, those students are ultimately listening to it because bad advertising does not force them to change the stations. Good radio programmers and consultants have long been aware of this and major advisers are encouraging their customers to pay attention to the quality of the ads in the air. One of the radio guru, Dan O & # 39; day, a leader in recognizing bad things and making them better.

If you do a search on the wrong radio generator, you can find a game Dan has made to show how easy it is to break into the advertising campaigns of bad news. You have to go and play with him if you have a little time to kill and desire to laugh. Even though the company is using a radio and does not have a great writer, the Bad Radio Commercial generator can cry. Often, the results sound suspicious as on radio everywhere.

Advertising in radio and television broadcasts becomes a reality, as broadcasters use all the money to run the station, pay staff, and keep the lights. But since many ads sold by local shopping sites sold directly by a station dealer, the station has the last sentence about how the local sites sound.

Why deliberately pollutes the air waves with pathetic objections to writing and manufacturing is not hard to guess. It's very easy to write a very bad radio, but it's not too hard to write a good thing. Radios just have to work harder on their local ads to make a big profit in the audience.

A great example of bad local business is often the local wholesale distributor. Somehow, at some point in history, every carmaker should have greeted and agreed to shout at their target audience.

Do you want to yell? Most do not. Why do car dealers think that they shout to draw attention? And I wonder why they think we're responding positively to all those who are shouting?

Delving deeper into the bad car trade, you will probably hear a line like "We are Mr. Big Volume and we will be number one soon!" Why do I care? I do not care if # 1 or # 10 … does not tell me what he will do for me.

Deeper, you can hear something like this: "We will do our best to get your business done." Again why do you care? And my terrible part will think … "Whatever I can do is call this bluff?" Because we know that "whatever it is" is not true, so now Mr. Big Volume begged me, lied to me and told me what to do for her.

I still have no reason to visit, is it there? And look at all the money I've sent to buy a car from him without any thought.

If you think in time and effort that the station seeks to produce poor quality products to its customers, it quickly finds that no one has received money, including the station. Of course, customers got money to buy the schedule, but the bad spots went out of the way, and if the customer did not get a good payout for buying an ad, they would not come back. Lose lose lose. Not smart.

Just a little thought, trading can be very different. Throw away the old school car style and buy a new paradigm. Ask your customer a stunning, common sense message about why the customer should consider trading with you. It's a benefit for the consumer, not the dealer. Make the message clear and, for the sake of goodness, make a message, not four or five. If the advertisement is a 60 second spot, just write a 45-50 second copy, so loud talent has the chance to actually make a deal with your customer.

There are plenty of ways to make a good place, but from now on, radio creative departments just want to focus on how to make their bad spot.

This can take them for some time!

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