Are you sure you are a communicator?

Good personal communication skills are important because they will provide a lot of help in your life and career. If you are a good communicator, you can reach the other people in a mutually beneficial way. But how can we be a good communicator? What should we do to communicate better with others? One thing I think you need to be a sure communicator. Being a sure communicator, you develop a mutual understanding. Do not try to manipulate it if it is aggressive. You are not trying to avoid conflicts passively. By being self-conscious, open, or about what you think and feel. But more importantly, abstinence means trying to understand it first before attempting to understand it. You try to see it from the other point of view. Then, understanding his point of view, he tries to find a win-win solution that works both. Of course, assertiveness can not be easy. You have to postpone the speech you want. You have to take the time to watch for the first time. But in the end, self-consciousness gives the longest-term benefits. Though manipulative, it can only have short-term benefits, as self-conscious can help build your trust in your partner, which will be useful for years in the future.

To become a secure communicator, you must first pay attention to communication every day. Increase awareness of your communication. Are you manipulating your words? Avoid conflicts by hiding your true feelings? Try to make points without understanding the other party? If they are in personal communication, it is by no means unknowingly. But this awareness helps to change. Once you know the situation, you will take the necessary measures to change it.

What to do when listening to what the other person says. Not just to hear what he says, but to listen very much. Try to understand his position and why his points are important.

Then try to find a common place between both of you. Since you already understand your position, it would be easy to find the similarities between both of you. This common ground is the basis for finding a win-win solution. Then you can propose the solution to it and see how it responds. Try to find a win-win solution and be a good communicator.

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