An attractive exercise tool for changing habits

Here are the rules:

1. Choose a "normal" day. Do not choose a day when you're planning to stay alone. Choose a day where you can make normal contact with others.

2. Do not use work or school days. Do not I want to fire?

3. Tell your spouse, child, and / or friends about your experiment.

4. Do not be rough. Do not be nice. Just do not talk. Have fun instead of the reactions.

5. Learn the silence. This is complicated? Uncomfortable? Do you feel the urge? And if so why? Can others read without talking?

6. You want to be aware of talking. They will be more common than you think. Examine your intent when you feel the urge. Why did you feel forced to talk?

7. Whenever you speak, choose words that are "light and full". And then come back to your discipline.

8. When and when you talk, you travel inward. Wrong with the words chosen. Why did you choose these words? What did you hope to achieve? What were the internal motivations of choosing words?

9. Listen to others. You can take advantage of the opportunity to actively listen. Observe body language, gestures, expressions, and so on.

10. Listen to yourself. My body language, gestures, etc.

After doing this, he should have learned a few things.

Do you melt other people's verbal signs? Do your own non-verbal communication skills need improvement? Do your usual facial expressions send controversial messages that contradict the words you speak? Body language and expressions are so loud that people around you can not hear the words. Below you will need to look at some goals after doing this exercise.

Practice forces you to think and choose the right words when you speak. The goal is to help you recognize the correct words, gestures, and so on. The importance of selecting it for better communication. Practice also forces you to give "control" and help you with fear to talk effectively when the time comes. Help you learn when you pay attention to words and force those around us to listen to other aspects of the given communication style.

After completing this exercise, write your comments in your journal and read it frequently to remind yourself of what you've learned in this practice.

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