America's shoe problem and leadership

Since its founding, America has always been and is always a country that is obsessed with selecting people in specific categories. These categories, especially species, were often created and emphasized to exclude people from enjoying certain privileges if they do not fall into the "white" category. Regardless of race, gender or sexuality, everyone is still categorized. This strange sorting habit has created such widespread social issues that can only be solved through leadership.

The personal example of American cruelty is that my mixed race often mingled between myself and others. My mother is white while my dad is black and as a result the two are mixed. However, according to my birth certificate, I am African American, although I'm 50% white. I grew up, it was difficult to find a specific group that was integrated and there was always tremendous pressure for me to literally decide that I was "black" or "white". If you meet someone with my 4 mixed siblings and I often ask "what are you?" For me, it is a grouping of aliens that are linked to early Americans, so it is important to decide on the merits of group relationships. My feet did not fit perfectly into the fragile glasses of Prince Charming or completely into the straw of the peasant. I lived in the confusion of others in my life around barefoot.

Social inequality requires the creation of change. This change is a form of "social justice". Social justice describes a society where certain groups of people are not excluded from having the same resources, opportunities and assets as others, as they are. As social justice is increasingly sought among US citizens, the need for leaders to assist an uncrehoded society is growing.

The relationship between leadership and social justice is characterized by the need for social change. To change the deeply embedded systems of inequality, there is a need for substantial civic cooperation in American society. Driving social change is a leadership style that focuses on the creation of civilian leaders who commit themselves to creating a fundamental change in collective co-operation with other like-minded citizens. This is a driving mode that is used specifically to create long-term social changes rather than short-term results.

It is important for people to apply this method of management because society is complicated and there is no single solution to dismantling complicated systems where social inequality is still widely present. To overcome this complex issue, people must be committed and cooperated with people who are encouraged to go beyond their own worlds to make efforts to contribute to society as a whole.

While Leadership is a growing desire for our society to become socially equal, I believe it is important to note that leadership styles are changed by people's times and goals. Most of its existence in America was supported by classification systems that determine the value of an individual and access to different sources. This unfair treatment in society necessitated the change and thus took a leading role.

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