A short primer on Twitter as a powerful social media resource

Twitter was founded in 2006 by US software developer and businessman Jack Dorsey. Since its creation, he has quickly acquired a cult follow up and exponentially increased in terms of global order and popularity.

Twitter is best described as a free social networking and microblogging site; coupled with the convenience of short text messages and easy access by facilitating the flow of information. You can create an account with a niche or interest topic, follow immediate friends and family members, start a network of like-minded fans, start chime and stay away; this is so simple! Jack described his product name "brief information" and "clattering birds," and this is Twitter's essence as a hand gloves.

One of the most impressive stand-out in the platform is his applicability in countless situations, including:

1) Education: Teaching where students were asked to send tweets and answers in the new language as a tool for qualification and the formation of cultural assimilation. Twitter was also used in student evaluation, promoting the transfer of curricula and the development of communication skills.

2) Politics: Twitter is widely used by US electoral candidates during the 2008 presidential election campaign as a means of creating closeness and accessibility

3) Space exploration: NASA's spaceships Mike Massimino, Nicole Scott and Jeff Williams Twitter as a social media / marketing tool to send real-time messages and updates from its space stations [19659002] 4) Emergencies: This is undeniably one of the most effective and effective ways to make the masses available instantaneously at low cost critical information. In fact, the social network is a far better job of obtaining information in emergencies than conventional media or governmental emergency services. During the October forest fires in California, people followed their tracking (who were often friends and neighbors), informed of their location and the real-time speed of the various fires. The aid organizations are also heavily involved in Twitter. The American Red Cross started using Twitter to provide timely information on local catastrophes, including statistics and instructions.

The 2008 Mumbai attacks rose to an unprecedentedly high level on Twitter. the eyewitnesses were estimated to have sent a message every 80 seconds. Twitter users on the ground helped to list the list of dead and injured. In addition, users provided critical information such as emergency numbers and hospitals that require blood donation. CNN has "made the appearance of social media timely," as many different groups have made significant use of Twitter to gather news and coordinate responses.

5 Public Relations: UK Business, Non-Governmental Organizations, Fire Brigades, and even the US Army's Intelligence Tool Twitter is the means of reporting communication strategies, reporting events, counter-terrorism tools, even global conferences and webinars.

… and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Twitter's practice also covers many other countless situations.

Some implicit apps on Twitter are what they mean and how they can help spread their organization to provide valuable insights and vital information, one button:

Network: Opportunities are endless. Individuals and institutions can search for Twitter for similarly-minded professionals, organizations, and fans. One can find free communication without unlined lines or creating identity with concrete relationships and synergies that are easily accessible afterwards.

Generating Traffic: Twitter can be used as a network marketing tool that allows individuals or organizations to generate free traffic to their sites. Followers can be tracked and links can be supported with informative updates. Third party websites include banners, badges, direct links, and widgets that are implicitly available through tweets on the primary web site.

Authorization and Feedback Assessment: Individuals and organizations can create chat groups after clients or the staff involved, so feedback / evaluation can be done in an unofficial and very fast way. This is very much like publishing online feedback forms due to post campaigns or product launching, though design and distribution costs are difficult to handle. Subscription lists can sometimes grow to millions, FREE!

Content: You can literally deliver it in seconds to a targeted and relevant audience. Without the Twitter platform, it takes a lot of time and spends a lot more. Event schedules, schedules and venues can be simply and accurately translated and transmitted on Twitter.

Media and news: Access to important news and media channels would never have been easier with tweets and Trend Trends through Twitter Search

Internet Marketing: Just imagine a world where you reward your reach! Backlinks and re-directs may contain informative tweets that Twitterers can click and lead to multiple sites / sites. In fact, you can simply earn money with Twitter!

Advertising: This allows repeat but substantial new and rich messages to be used for branding. Additionally, stand-out logos and taglines can be produced for free

Twitter Status: One Online Status Message

Tweet: A brief update about what you are doing to only 140 characters.

Followers: Those Who

Next: People who are interested in tracking people by subscribing to their tweets.

Direct Message (DM): Send a direct message to your followers that may appear in the Twitter Search app. 10 minutes after sending.

In (@): This can be used when one refers to the third party update (also known as @replies). You do this by invoking the third person's username @ to display your Twitter account in the update.

Re-Tweet (RT): repeating a beep by a third party due to the good quality and usefulness of the content.

Hash (#): If someone wants to tell you something about a topic or subject, then the topic can be prefixed with #. Hashtags can then be used to create "clusters" on Twitter without changing the basic service. Hashtags.org performs real-time tracking of Twitter hashtags;

Tweet – Up: When a Twitter group organizes a meeting for social interaction or some bloggers meet, etc.

Blocking / Spam: Some users send spam via Twitter; can be blocked in two ways, that is, directly on the User's Twitter page or on the Followers list. Only the effects of Block and Twitter will be affected.

To sum up, Twitter is a very useful social media innovation where information flow – personal, casual, or massive broadcasting time is critical – can be easily transmitted and accepted. It also allows institutions to reach out to the public and stakeholders about updates, developments, strategies and prospects. Brands can be constructed and images can be enhanced through content rich and informative feeds. The simplicity of construction and use also means that everybody gets up and running within minutes. If someone thinks a bit about packaging, it's easy to make tweets available through Twitter via recycling and free marketing. All in all, Twitter is the perception of social media innovation and its use and implementation can certainly be said to go far beyond the pure social network.

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