8 Steps to Successful Mobile Phone Resettlement – I'm not afraid of changing mobile phone providers

Accepting and Designing a Communication Plan

Make sure that the first draft of the communication plan is completed at the beginning of the process. The sooner the better, the better the rule, but make sure that while the most important part of the document is complete, you can make definitive changes to take into account unexpected changes, especially the dictated times have been changed by your network provider.

Check the base

Make sure you get a full picture of the base. You need to know which device is used, which tools will not be used for a while, so you can consider them and not overwrite them to a new contract condition and eventually need a new user database if you are not in a position to have a central or to a small number of regional sites. Audit is key to ensuring that it only switches to new contractual assets. This is even more important if there are many subscription attractive devices in your base such as iPhone, Blackberry or Data Card.

Get Unlatching Codes

First, remember that you can take up to 28 days, code from your old network provider! Make sure that you close the connection as soon as possible and make sure that users have some way to tell you that their device was not blocked. This information requires a migration management project, so the port day goes without any hindrance. Make sure the budget for new devices at this point as tools that are too old to be able to enter a new contract period is a good time to relocate these older assets from your base.

PAC codes (uk)

Please note that pac codes can take up to 28 days. You can improve these deadlines by maintaining the relationship with the old network operator, making sure that they both agree that they have met the terms of their contract. Plan your migration to suit your needs and not your new network, make sure you have enough internal resources for the project, only set a reasonable number of migrations for any day, and do not try to do too much in one day and NEVER CHANGE users on Monday or Friday.

Porting Dates

Create a solid communication plan that informs users of their migration dates using a centralized contact for migration information. Make sure your communications are ready to be sent to all users and take care to take into account users who can be on vacation or sick leave or migration dates.

SIM Card Acceptance Information

to get a new SIM card, an intranet site is ideally suited for this purpose, as all communications are on a central point that is customized for each user, remember another simulator may be difficult create for a user

Change address

Be careful to identify users that can change their address between the check date and the transition date, be sure to have a central and robust way to capture this detail at least 5

Migration Date

Make sure that every user has an access point in the migration day if there is any problem and where it is possible to buy office network support, especially where VIP- is out. After migrating, you think that users like other information need new mobile policies and new voicemail messages and handset instructions that install smart phones or blackberry for the first time.

If these key points are outlined, the features that are specific to your business, there is no reason why migration can not be successful and there is no reason to fear the move


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