7 tips for co-workers

When you work with countless different personalities for 8 to 10 hours a day, conflicts may occasionally arise. Relationship with some staff may be a difficulty, if not impossible. Workplace relationships have a significant impact on how to behave – good relationships can better enjoy working days and help make them more successful while bad relationships are troublesome and valuable for the elderly.

Maintaining good relationships and sparing the bad ones have certain behaviors to hug and avoid others in the workplace. Below are 7 tips on how to get in touch with your colleagues:

  1. Communication is key. The best way to get to know someone, spend some time with them and talk to them. Find something together – kids, workouts, sports, the same cafe, etc. Visit. Nevertheless, you should refrain from using the information you receive from rumors about your employees who are known to bring people together but have a negative impact on the workplace.
  2. Check the emotions. Avoid the appearance of negative behaviors, such as physical discomfort, avoiding eye contact, or even hostility if you face-to-face with an employee you do not like or want. Learn how to control your emotions, agree to disagree, and most importantly to be respected, regardless of your true feelings.
  3. Be useful. Find ways beyond the core job functions. If you keep your head down and work 8 to 10 hours a day, you will not move far. Offer to help a overworked worker, cooked goods or just keep the door or elevator.
  4. Smile and Thank You One of the easiest ways to keep positive energy, smile and thank everyone. It's a great way to start a conversation with a colleague you do not know very well, or just recognize them during a busy business day. Aim to Recognize That Positive Polly is No Negative Nancy
  5. Work on Social Skills Most of the contacts with colleagues are able to read social signals. Especially in group discussions, analyze the situation and suit accordingly. In other words, first measure your audience and then modify your personality so that you can make a binding. On the contrary, you can count on the social situation to meet you, which can lead to social discomfort and uncomfortable situations
  6. Never assume. You know the saying about the assumptions … Before overreacting a particular situation, do not forget to stay calm and get all the facts first. Let's clarify (not hostile) from the parties concerned and try to gain a point of view of where your co-workers come from because it has nothing to do with you. Just after taking the time to process all the information, react with the appropriate command chain.
  7. Avoid office policy. It's best if office policy is taken together. Do not forget about the misleading game on the pickup side, identifying the good guys and the bad guys or the brown neck. It is best to be neutral and concentrated and always be yourself.

Finally, remember that every day you are constantly practicing a good office etiquette. It may make a difference between starting a good associate or a good relationship with colleagues, which is ultimately needed.

Do you have a tip or any funny anecdotes to share the relationship between affiliated staff? Office Space filmmaking always ponders when discussing how to work with our staff.

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