33 Wireless interview tips that create a star

The radio interview got off and it's time to be ready to do it. Now what? Here are some tips for interviews that you would like to read before the next interview. Keep them closer, you will be happy for them.

first Go to a quiet room in your home or office; make sure your staff and / or family know that you are in a radio interview and you can not interrupt it.

2nd Turn off other phones, mobile phones, and anything that can give you background noise, including air conditioners, radio, and so on.

3rd Take a glass of water nearby; nothing worse than dry mouth in a radio interview.

4th To turn off Call Waiting: Dial * 70, then call the number of the studio. This will disable the call waiting for the duration of the phone call. As soon as you put it off, it will re-activate.

5th Time. Call the station exactly at the point you bet or wait for your phone when the station is calling.

6th Use terrestrial phones for best quality. Some stations do not allow cell phone interviews. If you can not reach a land line, use a mobile phone at a fixed location and not during the journey, as the reception can be interrupted after the interviews

. Do not use a loudspeaker or headset; again, it's about good sound quality.

8th Be confident. Remember, you know your topic from inside and out. Trust in your ability.

ninth Smile, smile, smile, whether radio or TV – SMILE. You will feel better and you will look better on the TV.

10th Put some pizzas and energy into your voice. Try to stand as long as you talk to make things a little aloof.

eleventh Search the program and change the message accordingly. Only Google is the host name and station and look at their website. A national audience or a small town in Ohio? What is your format? News / Conversations, NPR or Classic Rock or something else? He must know.

12th They know exactly how much time they spend in the air of the guests in three minutes or 30 minutes … so you can respond to the specified time

. Practice your voice, aloud, before the interview. Follow the main points more closely. Practice it aloud.

14th Be informative and entertaining without directly pushing the book, product or service. Audience "wants more".

15th A good word can make the rich a long way. Good habits and good business.

16th The person's name is sweet music, so they engage in memory or record the host's name and use it during the interview. When using a conversation, use the name of the caller.

17th Prepare for negative comments from the host or the students.

18th Be careful not to slip the techno-babble, jargon or abbreviations that few know.

19th Never talk to your audience.

20th Respect the host because everyone is going somewhere. Today I interview a college radio station; after a few years it can be a nationwide syndicated host.

21st Not Oversell. Do not forget to provide the audience with useful information in the air. If you are an author or seller, you limit yourself to two notices of a book, product, or service. It should be interesting without the trade. You need deliciousness, but you can do it. Often, the host will do this and you do not have to mention it.

22nd Think of a radio interview like an intimate conversation with a friend and not a conversation with a thousand.

23rd Radio interviews require verbal answers rather than nodding or guilty. Hand gestures do not count on radio.

24th Radios often live in the interviews and use them later in the day, so they broadcast more. So hold the answer for 10-20 seconds of loud bite. You can say a lot at this time, and it does not sound like you're mocking. Do not go on for more than a minute without interruption

25. Do not just answer the questions. Tell the students something they want to know, something they would not know unless they tuned to them, by promising more when they bought the product or came to you

26. Three key messages. Short, not sermon. Sometimes the farmer opens the door, at other times he has to answer a question and follow a key message. Stunning message from the host will ask for more. In general, people can receive two key messages; the pros will be three. But even if you get together, you get a big return on time.

27th Lazy hosts open with a lust: "Thank you for being here." Bang! Enter: Summary message for 15 to 20 seconds. If the farmer presents a question, be courteous, enter the summary message and answer the question. "Thank you, (username), the opportunity to talk …. Now to your question (name) …"

28. Maintain a positive attitude. BE GENUALLY OR TRANSMITTED. Do not fake enthusiasm or honesty. If you're in a bad mood, delete the interview. Do not pretend to know things that you do not.

29th Re-read the press release or the track on which the booking is booked as the host will use it as the starting point. Often a bookmaker like me connects to a feed that is related to your expertise. Be aware that tie-in

is 30. After the interview, write a thank-you note. Since there are so few, it really stands out from the crowd. And most importantly, we can recall it.

31st Whether the interview is live or bent-live, if you stumble or flub up just goes on. Often mistakes have been detected, students do not even notice it.

32nd Ask for the recording MP3 before the interview. It is often the case that the producer records the interview over time and then can use it on your site. Make sure you listen later and criticize your performance.

33rd Ask for a recommendation. Frequently, MP3s come from a note from the host about how much they enjoy the interview or "Scott Lorenz was a great interview, he really kept the audience," or "the phones rang the hook when Scott Lorenz interviews." You can use these feedback on future sites and on your site, blog, etc.

It's a good idea to ask the host to use their press packs and email them to the station. they would have had the chance to read the book

Make sure you know your own stuff inside and out and I'll do it all in. You are the author of the book or the press release and ask you, "What did you understand about this?" You do not want any surprises, so as a bookstore heaven I tell the authors that they need to be prepared.

The bottom line, RELAX, will be fine. The butterflies you will feel will cause you to do everything I can! Just follow these helpful tips and get a radio interview star!

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