3 Basic skills of business communication 2.0

Communication 2.0 transforms the strategy and skills needed to implement and implement effective communication practices with employees and clients. There are two types of business in communication 2.0: those who understand how communication can leak and those whose performance suffers.

HR, PR, marketing and employee communication managers realize that employees need new tools to effectively and efficiently manage relationships.

Here are three skills that business communicators must include in communication 2.0.

first Strong ability to initiate, build and maintain relationships. Communication 2.0 and democratization of the media have increased the importance of relationships with customers, customers and employees. These followers approach each other: the same person becomes. Invest resources in nurturing these relationships.

2nd Ability to listen and learn. The rapid pace of communication 2.0 means that employees need to understand how to gather and weigh evidence and to be careful about stakeholder discussions.

3rd Deep understanding and appreciation of human behavior. Communication 2.0 shows that human factors are involved in changing business factors, innovation and collaboration. Media tools alone kindly strengthen the best and worst condition of the human condition.

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