10 simple steps to capture a mobile phone when it's wet!

Anyone who has not seen their cell phone go to the pool; or breath taking when a cup of coffee is leaking into the phone!

What are you doing (do not panic) when this happens?

Check out the 10 recommended steps below – and maybe not everything is lost.

1. First – and most importantly – take it out of the water!

2nd It is also urgent – remove the battery. Prevents interactions FAST!

3rd Remove the SIM card. You will find all important information here. Even if you did not save the phone, save the SIM card at least. Now just place it on one side to dry it naturally.

4th Remove as much water as quickly as possible. Only use absorbent material (tow or paper)

5. An alternative drying technique is to close the phone (everything is removed) in a plastic bag, some silicone packages that you get with electronic items, etc. Leave the phone in the bag for one or two days, and silicon dioxide may absorb moisture

6. Give time to dry the phone. Do not re-try the battery to see if it works because it may cause a short circuit to the phone.

7th Be patient and wait. Yes – be patient! Let nature be in its own way; leave it in a warm place and allow the water to evaporate.

8th Try to replace the battery if all else fails. Not expensive and can solve the problem

9. See if there is an available credit gateway. This also facilitates the waiting process.

10th Test it out. After 3 days of being sick, make sure everything is clean and dry and reconnect the battery to your phone and make sure it is working. If the phone does not work, wait a few days. If it still does not work, try your mobile phone for an authorized reseller. Sometimes they can fix it.

Other Ideas

* Place the top of the cable tray, monitor or TV fan for at least 24 hours (up to 3 days). Low heat is enough to soften the phone.

* If your phone is in salty water (such as the ocean), remove the battery and rinse it with fresh water before the crystals are formed.

* Consider soaking your phone in distilled water to wash the minerals that were raised from the original water.

Be careful

* Do not heat the battery under any circumstances – leaking or exploding. Li-ion batteries are sensitive. If you use an oven or a hair dryer, first remove the battery.

* If you use alcohol during the drying process, just do it from the outside and do not shape the shape or shape in any way, even the least hot. Do not connect the battery until the alcohol odor disappears.

* And if it does not seem obvious, do not put the phone in the microwave. The components are fried and are likely to destroy the microwave.

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