10 reasons why good communication skills result in more friends and influence

Who does not want to influence more friends and more people? This can lead to a happier life, a better job and a richer lifestyle. In essence, there are no minuses and only the network of friends and staff. So here are the ten reasons why these communication skills bring more friends and help to influence others. Because they are interested

Good communication is a two-way street. Using the simple features of conversation and listening to others, you can build friendships and influence people. It is very common for people to talk about themselves or their favorite subject. People with good communication skills show interest in the subject and ask questions.

Non-verbal signs may also be of interest, and good communication skills are also part of. You hold eye contact with the speaker, then with nod and gesture, if necessary. Her body turns to the person, not just in a chair.

All these subtle body language signals convey the meaning to the other person in a conscious manner. By winning out all your communication skills, you win people.

2nd By being positive

People are constantly hearing negative things: news, critics, bosses, etc. Good communication skills concentrate not merely on the negative.

There's an old saying about letting honey more like vinegar. A good communicator knows he should not be praised; they must be valid, but even the children's praise for throwing their bed or making dirty dishes in the sink is a long way in influencing them.

This is where honesty comes into the picture. If you give false praise, truth will always come one day and then you lose a friend or the ability to influence the person in the future. You can be positive without going away.

3rd Because they are friendly

To be friends, you must be a friend and communicate with words and actions; sometimes only a smile conveys this. The first step is to get people to know, which means interest and good listening. Then talk to people about the things they love, show interest in these topics, and present the desire to know better.

You find incredibly interesting, friendly and desirable people, but if you can not tell them that they do not have to build friendships and do not influence people.

If you can talk to people in a friendly way, you can write them about the subject they love when body language conveys interest and curiosity in them, it can bring them back.

4th Commemoration of Details

It is said that God is in the details; it is also related to people to influence them and to become friends.

This connects with several points already mentioned; when you talk to someone or read about them, you always find small details about them, their lives, their mood and their mood.

A critical aspect of good communication skills is to remember these details and then use them to promote goals. If you write a letter to someone and remember that you are asking your wife or mother, they will pick it up.

If you try to influence people to buy or support a product, presenting something that is important to them, this is a step to victory.

5th Because They Encourage Others

There are a lot of naysayer in the world that tells others that they can not do anything. Part of good communication skills encourages people to fulfill their full potential.

This does not mean giving false hope to them; this is a sure way of losing friends and does not affect people.

If we measure the abilities of others, we will see where their strengths are, and when they are encouraged to reach a reasonable goal, I can make friends. In this case, good communication skills are capable of giving the right type of peer conversation or giving them guidance to find where they are capable of delivering them. By disagreeing without being uncomfortable

People disagree every time and some are very loud in their disagreement. If you use good communication skills to disagree with someone without discussing it, it will allow you to see your opinion but we do not feel that you are against it.

If you alienate people, it's a quick way to lose their friends and lose the chance to reinvent them again. The most appropriate solution is to first explain that you have understood their views that you respect them, but disagree with it and justify the reasons. Do not hurt

If someone tries to win someone, as mentioned above, people are honored and encouraged, they often win them. However, the use of vulgar language and their insults will not be met either.

Good communication skills mean speaking and / or writing in a concise and eloquent way, and not using shyness and insults to try to formulate a point.

8th By Correctly Correcting

There are times in any part of life that you have to correct someone right, whether you are a child, spouse, employee, or someone else. If you shout and shout like such people, humiliate them and do nothing constructive, you will lose them.

One of the good communication skills means making people correct. It draws attention to their positive qualities, mentions where they are, and gives them guidance on how to fix their error

. Because they are able to win people

If used correctly, good communication skills can persuade people to support you, either as a friend or by other activities.

This is a talent that was simply seen by the door-to-door agents; whatever anyone could buy anything. This is something that politicians and religious leaders are famous for doing.

If you can use your words, talk or write and persuade people about your views, you can build friendships and influence people to do anything.

10th Because they are successful

If you look at people who are influencing the local or national scene, they are also very successful: politicians, business people, performers, etc. Good communication skills are used for a variety of purposes

When people see a person able to take over people, impress them and tend to follow this person and / or get to know them. It can be as easy as presenting a good presentation, telling a great story, writing an interesting book or article or business success.

There are plenty of books to influence friends and people. Still, there are many things to go on: how to present yourself and your words and ideas. By learning a number of easy steps you can improve your ability to communicate with people and thus build affiliated friendships and networks.

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