10 reasons why good communication skills are a common feature of successful people

When you look at successful people, you can have varying talents that explain how they succeeded. Great sound and talent can lead to performing career; the knowledge of the invention can transform it into a great scientist, and philosophical knowledge and intellect can lead a great person. However, one of these people can not be successful without having a good communication skills.

first They Must Have a Network

Every successful person, regardless of their vocation, must regularly connect with other people. So he should be able to write and talk to many people with many people; whether you're writing a book or movie to a publisher or a producer, or trying to persuade the homeowners to buy the new job saver tool.

2nd Need to Sell

Achieving success in life means selling and not necessarily selling the product easily. Politicians should sell the & # 39; for their own creators; writers and actors have to sell agents and producers. For this they should be able to tell what they mean, about their products, their time, etc. Which is better to be someone else.

3rd People Must Be Convenient

There is an old saying that they did not shoot the messenger. This means you do not blame the person who brings bad news for the news. Never think, people do not like someone who gives them bad news and does not want to buy or support people who can not communicate with them.

Successful people do not need enough (they witness the appearance of Rock singers), but they have to trust them. When they are on the pitch, they speak clearly; they are straight, their heads high and people look in their eyes. They suggest a voice and speak in a pleasant voice.

They do not shout and scream and do not result in shyness and vulgar acts. They were clear and articulated in writing, and not too explicit, and their writing was easily understood by the overwhelming majority of the public.

4th They Must Present Their Ideas

Every successful person always has some idea and / or product that the customer or the customer needs to present. Whether it's a new book or business plan; a mood of a new TV series or attempt to acquire an experiment; you have to convince someone that they have good ideas or talents.

This means writing a great letter or treatment, or making a great presentation or hearing. In both cases, good communication skills are required.

5th Often goes to "Flow"

Successful people often "in front of the curve" have business, music, cultural trends and so on.

A successful writer or producer brings a new idea to a movie or TV show; a successful business leader sees a new opportunity or market and a successful inventor creates a new tool to meet the need. It does not matter that there are often ideas that are ahead of time.

How many people could have predicted that the "Blair Witch Project" is a huge success?

How many people knew Yahoo, eBay, and YouTube brought millions?

And how many people knew that personal computers need user-friendly operating systems and that Windows is the most important thing?

All of these were done by people who were extremely successful and should have convinced others of the validity of their ideas. For this they had to know the breakthrough idea so that others could understand, appreciate, and believe.

6th There are several ways to listen.

This is related to the 5th point.

Many successful people are "listening" to the market, be it a business market, cultural trends, movies and TV shows, etc. As a good student, whatever they are, they will see things: pop culture trends, demographic trends that suggest people will need the future and simply listen to what their customers say.

A good communicator is far more than speech or writing; that means you're listening. You may be the greatest inventor of the world, but if you do not listen to what people want, they will not succeed. Thomas Edison invented an electronic voting counter and tried to sell it to Congress, but they did not want; refused to speed up the voting process. Edison did not "watch" the market.

7th They Must Get Out

To be successful, a person must disappear from the crowd; those that mix, do not rise up. People such as JK Rowling, John F. Kennedy and Laurence Olivier (only three names) are all successful, and each of them must be able to communicate in some way.

Great authors like Rowling and Conan Doyle use the same words as anyone is available and can make texts that are on our side and pages as fast as we read. Statemen, such as Kennedy and Reagan, were only able to inspire and excite people. Then singers and actors can scream the girls with passion, and adult men can only cry with words.

8th They are able to "change speed" in a heartbeat

When we are entering a new business with a lot of investors and then trying to sell it to new customers, successful people know they are saying the same thing, but they say it differently.

When trying to connect with a lot of teenagers, casting recent movies or pop culture links can do wonders, just as when you point to nostalgia when you show something to an older crowd.

This can also be associated with the form of communication they use. Some people are good at writing, others in speech, and there are modern multimedia devices like movies, flash files, wav files, even tweets. Successful people are able to tailor their message to the most appropriate media.

ninth They Give and Respect

When you try to make some idea, either an idea or a product, successful people do it right. This means we communicate in a way that gives respect to their audience.

You do not see such people using high pity, vulgarity, or offensive language. They do not reduce their audience or talk to them.

10th Project Optimism

When successful people talk about anything, they are often a "half full" type of attitude. No matter what they want to achieve, speak positively, always look to the future, and always look at how things can improve.

There is an old saying about building a right mouse trap, and then the world will beat the door to the door. Well, the world's greatest invention or the next great novel will not succeed if you can not communicate with others about how great your creation is.

This is where good communication skills help build success.

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