Written Communication Skills: Why is It Important?

Let's start with this assumption: every career requires communication.

Communication is an integral part of our lives, both verbal and non-verbal. Written communication skills enable an individual to create a clear text message that can inform, motivate, influence, convince, clarify, or refute. Writing is a skill and as such it has to be practiced and developed like any other talent. Writing effectively is not necessarily easy but vital.

President of the College Council, Gaston Caperton, noted: "Well-written ability means that we are able to communicate feelings and ideas, motivate people, even resolve conflicts. Writing allows us to formulate thoughts and effectively express them. "

Research has shown that written words are more believable than spoken words. Therefore, we can build a high level of credibility if you can send your written message clearly, accurately and intelligibly. You do not have to write nicely, unless you obviously want the next Shakespeare or Hemingway; but you have to write effectively.

So why would writing communication skills be important to you?

Separate from others. The more you can write, the stronger you become the communicator. Combine your ability to write with powerful oral skills and become truly outstanding.

You can pass your writing skills to any endeavor. I'll go with them wherever I go.

Your writing can make a difference not only in your life but in the lives of others. The words are huge. They can teach. They may be motivated. Strengthen. They can overcome ambiguity. They can express feelings and emotions that are sometimes difficult to express orally. Never underestimate the power of the words written by others

Without limiting such written skills, it limits the influence it may otherwise force to move other perspectives. If we go back to the previously mentioned premise – that every career requires communication – poor written communication skills are very hindered.

But do not forget that writing is a skill acquired. There is a need for constant practice. You have to write.

And write

And write more

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