Workplace Communication: How to Manage Workplace "Snipers"

Effective communication skills at the workplace reduce stress and improve productivity. However, some employees sabotage the positive working atmosphere with negative communication patterns. For example:

The supervisor observes that he was nervously looking at his workman and then behind the copier.

"What are you doing?" She asks.

behind the copier, "Avoiding Snipers".

Communication Sniper at Work

First let me clarify. I'm not talking about military snipers, but talking about everyday communication snipers.

Workplace snipers are highly skilled snipers (or women) who shoot verbal targets from hidden positions.

Special training on oral communication attacks, such as:

  • sarcasm,
  • humorous sliding,
  • disassembly appearance
  • and innuendos.
  • Okay. So the staff do not have to play at their workplace, but sometimes they feel and this is the worst thing they can do.

    Workplace communication snipers Avoiding confrontation allows snipers to get rid of their secret adversity. Some people are simply negative. They may have learned to act in this way at the time of growing up, or later they came to life. Anyway, they're doing a lifestyle now – because of their days they're in trouble with those around them.

    The snipers do not really want to be too offensive. Only the poor way to handle relationships is because they have learned that negative communication gives them a "sharpness". So they use their verbal communication weapons to protect their territory and keep it to anyone not to interfere with them.

    Unfortunately, these can have a negative impact on workplace relationships, causing unnecessary conflicts and tensions. While snipers feel that "19459003" is "alive", other employees end "feel the edge" because of the problems they have created.

    for snipers, keeping their distance, or completely avoiding them. Their negligence has a devastating effect on the workplace atmosphere. Learning to Communicate Ability

    Snipers generally refute pot-recordings or denials, "I'm just joking" or Reducing Responsibility to the Sacrifice "You can not joke ?

    Avoiding is not the answer. Here is the secret to eliminating them …

    Learn to Collaborators to Respond to These Comments with a Question

    • "It sounds like you're fucking me, are you?"
    • "What do you mean by this glimpse?"
    • "Do you really mean what you said?"

    Because verbal snipers rely on their camouflage, if they cover their cover, the chance of future attacks is reduced.

    Negative communication is an indispensable driving ability for supervisors and leaders.

    Workplace comfort is important not only for employee satisfaction, but also for quality productivity.

    If you are a supervisor or a manager, keep communication skills with all your staff. This warns snipers that such a negative communication will not tolerate. Employees will appreciate your help and respect your leadership skills.

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