Why is my husband having two mobile phones?

I've often heard about women who (or just discovered) that their husband or friend has two mobile phones. Many people are pretty suspicious of this and wonder if the second mobile phone means the husband is cheating. There are various reasons that husbands have two mobile phones, and only one of them cheats (though cheating is common). I will discuss this in the next article.

Legitimate Causes People have two mobile phones: Some people use a phone for work and for personal use. However, if this is the case for your husband or friend, he probably knew this often. Sometimes their work is kind of a phone, but they do not really like the phone for personal use. For example, some people prefer blackberries to check on work emails and more trendy phones such as iPhone while it does not work.

Usually, in such cases, one is open about the existence of the two phones because there is nothing to hide. In fact, in this situation, you often often check the work area in front of you. Sometimes people get a good deal or a free phone when they come up with a telephone service provider and they just keep the free phone because it would be foolish to throw it away. But again, there is usually no reason to keep it secret.

Sometimes bad people explain that two phones are held if they lose one, or the first one drains the battery. I guess that makes sense, but sometimes I do not understand why not just a spare battery instead of a spare phone instead. That would make sense to me. But generally, if your second mobile phone does not have to worry, there is no reason to hide the person, so no.

The terrible reasons why men have two mobile phones: We've all read stories about men calling the same call to have a separate cell phone to accept the other woman's call without knowing it. It's about intent to deceive and possibly cheat. And I think this is really the underlying and most problematic question.

Because most of the time, men who have the purpose of deceiving, discarding, or wanting to disclose a separate cell phone are the ones. And if that's the case, you have to ask yourself why. It is very common for people to tell me that they have not only found a second mobile phone, but have found a lot of explicit text messages and photos from the other person.

Then it becomes clear why you have two mobile phones. It uses a "safe" phone in front of you. And use the "backup" phone to communicate with the other person. This is quite common. Many people have very carefully hidden the second phone. They often lock up in their car, in their office, at the gym's closet or elsewhere on a regular basis, but you do not have to worry about seeing a lot of things. But they often slip because, as fraud continues, communication is getting more and more frequent, so it's more regular on the backup phone.

The point is that they are innocent and have no innocent reasons, they have two mobile phones. For me, the key is often hiding or strange or secretive of its existence.

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