Whiz Kids: The world's youngest iPhone developer

These stories are really the books. School children have become the world's youngest iPhone developer.

Lim Ding Wen

Take the Singaporean 11-year Lim Ding Wen case, which is a wonderful tale of all over the Internet. Various articles say that this wonderful boy's first experience in Apple IIS, the most influential model of the Apple II series PCs, came at seven.

You may be told that Ding Wen is known in many languages, such as Java Script, Applesoft, and Objective C, which most adults just do not understand. This kid has developed its first iPhone application after nine years. Records show that Ding Wen Doodle Kids has been downloaded over 800,000 times with Android and Apple Platforms. Doodle Kids is simply excellent, as it gives young users a touch screen to draw features and connect to Apple TV.

The boy is now a celebrity. Ding Wen co-hosted the "Apple IIGS" program with her two sisters on her father's You Tube channel as the developer of Invader War, which has recently appeared on the iOS platform. CNN's international network is one of the world's youngest iPhone developers, the Singapore-based "Icon of Cool".

Thomas Suarez

Another whimsical techie Thomas Suarez, the Los Angeles South Bay 6th classifier. The smart kid claims to be inspired by late Steve Jobs, Apple and Pixar co-founder. Apple's 2008 Software Development Kit encouraged him to develop custom applications. Thomas eventually started selling these works and started a club for schoolmates to program. One of the youngest developers of Thomas Suarez describes a noble idea: Young students represent technological resources and must first share their knowledge in the IT development of the school program.

Aaron Bond

Aaron Bond comes from the United Kingdom and belongs to one of the youngest iPhone developers. The 13-year-old is responsible for developing Spud Run Game in 2011 with a good friend, Sebastian McNeil. When he was eight years old, Aaron already had a small business that designed web pages. The game involves navigating a mutant potato in a difficult labyrinth within 40 seconds before flattering. The duo has successfully bought the sophisticated equipment, which was £ 1400, computers. Five more geniuses

The catchy kids all over the world. Just a few years ago, like TJ Pluchahek from Portland; Jonah Grant, Chicago; Stephen Huber from Detroit, Michigan; Joe Constan and Andrew Rauh came from Dearborn, Michigan as four emerging apps developers. This new kind of programming experts are already developing new funds and platforms. Wait for these iPhone Developers to come up with conventions that will surely flip your eyebrows. These young technicians will surely have more iPhone apps in the coming years and encourage other young people to follow their steps.

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