Where can I learn the skills of a relationship?

"Trust in the silence." Adyashanti.

As a child, our parents cause and create everything. When we follow their rules, we can only play and life is good. When things don't go right, we are waiting to figure out what will be happy. When we marry, we expect our partners to make them happy.

When marriage does not make us happy, we expect to find a teacher whose teachings we can trust. We are looking for the right study, the best-known book, the best trained professor, the guru and the coach. Then we listen, make notes, learn and learn about the process to be taught. Or, especially in case of connection problems, we go to an advisor. Dr. John Gottman's research shows that within three to five years of marine advice, a 98% divorce occurred. Knowledge does not help joyful relationships. They need ability.

Learn about relationship skills to look at and discover 7 core components. As a collection of ingredients necessary for baking a cake, we need them in all proportions that are in balance.

first RELIABILITY – the place where the trial and debugging takes place without a question of interest without trying to learn a technique or skill. We can discover consciousness with you. We can discover our nature with consciousness. With an open, empty mind, we can discover feelings and sensitivities, open, listening, searching, smelling, tasting, touching and feeling. These can bring us into a conscious relationship.

2nd LANGUAGE – name everything, splitting the world. When we begin to use the language, we identify ourselves as "I am", an individual who thinks of everything in the language and lives in the story. The tongue is a left brain dependence that constantly molds our brain to meet our brain's needs. Our left brain is called "mind", ignoring the right brain attributes. Understanding the limits and using the language skillfully to determine the ability to communicate in depth.

3rd LOVE forms as a connection to life and a desire for life. Love is an action that is freely chosen that satisfies the basic needs of life and gives energy to the donor, the host and the observer of understanding. Only love is real and can only be the basis of the relationship. The meaning of love is confused. Usual use means love or affection, "I love Calvin Klein jeans!"

4th FEAR is the alarm caused by the perception or belief that physical danger threatens our security, or it is possible that there was a lack of evil, love. Usually, the idea of ​​evil leads to confusion and misunderstanding about the nature of the energy of existence. In order to fully involve life, fear must be treated as a wonderful alarm system that warns us of danger or confusion. It is necessary to remove false alarms, heal damage caused by childhood injuries and understand energy efficiency. Understanding and skilfully managing the relationship that allows fear.

5th DISCUSSION – the energy of existence enables you to choose measures that bring harmony and fulfill essential life needs. We act in the energy of the living within us. Observing energy quality and quantity informs elections and awareness. Observation provides the basis for fulfilling the relationship.

6th ENERGY that drives our lives is expressed in feelings. We appreciate our body and our vital needs and communicate through emotions. The names of the needs are those aspects of human energy that want to succeed. Identifying them gives empathy to themselves and others. Disclosing our own feelings and needs will help others honestly. emotion with us. Such mutual understanding determines the relationship and the ability to interact with one another. When empathy struggles with relationships, it allows for the graceful dance of life. If we miss it, we experience confusion, fear and warfare. Understanding the energy enables a harmonious connection.

7th CHOICE – a specific aspect of consciousness. By protecting and respecting the choice of everyone, we create peace and security. It enables collaboration, which is the most effective way to find collaboration and harmony. Respecting the election denies the essence of war, that is, the choice of the other to steal any necessary means. Creating basic choices that meet basic life needs is able to flexibly, grow and constantly renew.

The commitments made lead to unusually conflicts and competition. When these 7 components give you a balanced choice, our actions create relationships that meet your needs and support us. Life flourishes, and in their bloom, they create the happiness and joy of the full experience of love gained in life.

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