Where can I buy HD radios?

HD radio is a new technology that enables digital broadcasting of AM and FM radio stations, the huge technological leap of today's familiar analogue broadcasts. These digital radios provide radically better sound quality, multiple radio channels through multicasting and new data services to students.

You will probably find a HD radio in your neighborhood at Best Buy or Circuit City – especially if you are looking for an HD car radio system. Circuit City has recently announced that it will soon sell desktop units in its retail stores.

There are also a number of websites on the Internet where we can compare different online resources.

Tabletop HD Radios ]

Five manufacturers currently offer compact, portable desktop HD radios with surprisingly clean, room-temperature sound. Boston Acoustics HD Recepter Radio is available with Crutchfield, J & R Music and Computer World, Crutchfield and C. Crane. RadioShack stores sell the Accurian HD radio, and amazon.com has the Sangeon HDR-1 HD radio.

Polk Audio has just started transmitting the I-Sonic Entertainment System. This system has a HD radio tuner, XM Satellite tuner and CD player. The reported price was $ 549.99 after a $ 50 rebate.

Several manufacturers are expected to announce portable desktop radios in the first quarter of 2007. Radiosophy claims that MultiStream HD radio should be started on time to provide leisure [19659002] HD car speakers

Six manufacturers have HD technology with a radio or tuner for the car. JVC, Panasonic, Kenwood, Sanyo, Alpine and Eclipse. Again, several manufacturers, including Sony, are expected to announce the HD Technology car radios soon. Most of these units are located at HotBuys.com, Crutchfield, Shop.com, BizRate, com, and Shopping.com.

HD component receivers

component type HD technology receivers or tuners. They are Sangeon, Audio Design Associates (ADA) and Yamaha. Sangeon has the HDT-1 component radio tuner for $ 199.95. ADA offers three top quality tuners, Duo, Quadritune and HD Pro. The Yamaha RX-V4600 has a home theater receiver and HD radio for $ 1899.

Most likely, you can find one of HD technology buyers at your local home theater retailer or on high-end audio devices.

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