What to do if your wireless phone does not turn on

Here are some things when the car radio refuses to turn on.

1) First, make sure that the ignition is switched on and that the radio stick is properly connected.

2) Earplugs / connections are not worn and the film is good, solid

connection. Since the film can be removed, over time, the contacts on the tab and the

the back of the radio may be dirty or worn. For best results, use the Cleaning Alcohol or find it

For more information on cleaning connections:

3) Press "Reset" when the radio is one, then check for correct operation. Ask for advice

4) Check the car fuse (see sections 6 and 8).

5) If the radio does not have a "Reset" button, release the radio with the hyphen and physically

6 Disconnect the radio and check that the fuse on the back of the radio (where the

) does not blow out and make sure the wiring harness is safe and correct. Specifically,

Check ground integrity, 12V ignition, and 12 volt fixed wires. They will be

should be black, yellow and red

7) When using a wiring harness adapter, make sure the needles are on the car's existing radio

connectors and radio ISO connectors. Make sure some people are not slightly bent. Look closely


8) Make sure the power comes to the radio. You may need a test lamp or a power cord to do this.

First, check the radio fuse in the car fuse. Turn to your car

on the location of the radio fuse

If the problem persists after following the above, contact your car radio expert.

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