What to do if there is no service on your mobile phone?

So there's a "No service" on your phone.

1) Is there "no service" in a building, but the phone works outside?

2) Is there "no"

3) Do your phone have "no service" anywhere?


1) "Is there no service" in the building, but the phone works outside?

Okay, that's simple enough. Yes, some people do not have any signs in some houses or buildings. This is normal. I was astonished at how many people complained about indoor coverage. You have a cell phone. Please understand that indoor coverage can never be guaranteed.

Yes, some phones perform better than other models or manufacturers. Yes, some other carriers have large indoor facilities in the building, while other carriers do not. Remember, sometimes you get an indoor signal where other people do not know. It's hit & miss. Do not expect the carrier to build a $ 250,000 tower next to your house.

Possible Solutions:

a) If you are a large company with many phones, you can ask your service provider to bid on a built-in system. Get ready to pay a lot. But sometimes your service provider is ready to half-and-half to half the cost if you have many units.

b) If you want a small company or just an apartment, apartment or apartment, you should consider a smaller indoor solution with indoor repeaters such as SpotWave or Wilson Electronics. You have to plan the cost between $ 300 and $ 1,000.

c) When you are always in the office, buy a base station. These are the cradles with which the phone is integrated with the antenna leading to the roof.

d) If you do not want to pay more than $ 1000 for a base station, you can buy a cheaper solution from a company such as Advancetec. Just search for a "mobile phone base station" and select a great antenna.

e) Try different phones; some are better than others. The pantechek are wonderful, but I do not think they are in it now. Try to stick to candy phones with expandable antennas

f) Find a cabin that sells wifi-enabled mobile phones, so you can use the wifi router for home use for free. Get an internal signal and get a free talk via VoIP. So far I think there are a few in the United States to offer this as T-Mobile. In Canada, a company offers Harmony Mobile.

2) Is there "no service" in the streets or outside the car?

Yes, you also find dead spots outside from outside. If you live in a small country, you would be surprised to find a dead space as it would be very easy for the carrier to load a lot of sites all over the place and cover most of the population. But what if you live in the United States or Canada? Will the carriers be able to justify site costs throughout the site? Probably not.

You will find some dead spots in the city too. Wireless service providers probably know the most and have access to them at their own right time.


a) Buy a better phone,

b) Change media,

c) Satellite phone


e) Just deal with it.

3) Does the phone "have any service" anywhere?

If so, the phone is dead or has the problem resolved. Call the Carrier

Finally, you should have realistic expectations about mobile phones. They do not work everywhere and lose a signal, time. Fortunately, now you know something you can do with it.

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