What makes contact?

Below I think the relationship works. I've been with the same partner for over forty years. This information only touches the surface and is based on what worked for me and the others I talked to, who was also there where long-term relationships lasted for thirty years or longer.

No one said it would be easy to have a relationship work. He needs two people and works full time. Do not let anybody else tell you. The connection can not be unilateral. Doorway trust is a key factor in any relationship, without any contact. Both of them must be 100% committed and willing to make sacrifices and compromises. Never be afraid to tell your partner how to feel. If something disturbs you to talk, you do not like the output, but this is where compromise can come into the picture.

When making decisions, you always take into account the impact your partner and relationship will have on you. You have to remember that when it is in contact you do not always have yourself. Your activities can affect your partners as much as you are concerned.

Communication! Communicational! Communication, always keep it open and never let it die! Communication skills are not to happen overnight. It requires very hard work to the end of both partners and continues the whole relationship.

Never lie, it's better to tell the truth and you'll do what's going on and work out, because ten times nine, you will lie to come back and bite into your ass and your confidence straight out of the window. Remember to trust that there is really no connection.

Never do it as if it were better than your partner, he might be better educated or financially better, but never slipped. You have to remember that a couple is not just two people. We thank each other and we always respect each other for privacy. Never touch disagreements or community media. Do not post photos that are awkward. Once he's there, he's there forever and can not take it back.

When you fight, and you will not believe someone when they say that they never fight each other or another, they do not run towards family members and tell them all the details. That's what I'm saying, because there's going to be a makeup, and everything will be fine, but family members will remember all the words she said about her partner, and each time they see her partners, they'll remember what she said. So keep your family away from the personal parts of your relationship. In time, if you continue to run your family members, the attitude of your partner changes. If they have good relations they will not.

One of the most important things to remember is that your relationship grows and keeps working continuously. It should be kept fresh and exciting.

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