What is the best CB radio antenna I need to buy?

I towed a trailer for approx. for 10 years. I am a member of many CB Radio Forums, and there are many Truck Driver Forums.

I always see this question, so I thought I would try to answer it.

driving school, now you need a CB radio? All right, first we need to do some research on the CB radio. Would you like a 10-meter radio? Or do you want a normal 11-meter CB radio? Well, this is the latter of the two. Because if the Ham Radio is allowed through the FCC, it is illegal to use 10 meters of radio.

The CB radio can only talk on the 11-meter track

. 11-meter band, CB channels below 1 to 26,965 channels or over channel 40-27,405. You may have permission from any of them until you have "worked" the CB radio, and later you will be counted. There are many different types of CB radio that are legitimate in the US.

  1. 25 LTD, 29 LTD, 148 GTL, 19 DX, 25 NW, 25 WXNW, 29 NW, 29 WXNW
  2. Texas Ranger 696, 121,966
  3. , PC 68 XL, PC 68 LTW, PC 78 XL, PC 78 LTW, PC 78 Elite
  4. Galaxy 949 and Galaxy 959

Below is a list of fundamental legal radios that we can use today in the United States without the need to provide Amature radio licenses. You can get permission until there are no changes, such as "Peak and Tune," where the radio is on. From the factory, the radio produces 4 watts of power, which is legitimate. With the right tuning for approx. They are up to 35 watts, but this is not allowed at the FCC.

But most trucks will go to the nearest "cb shop" and pay $ 50.00 to $ 100.00 for "Connex Board" and "peak and melody" for radios. "Connex Board" is an echo function that is placed inside the radio to distort the sound (echoes) and additionally adds a talk function so the keypad can hear you through an external speaker.

Most drivers know they usually buy a decent radio ($ 150), they buy a cheap antenna. Well, this will not work, its antenna is 95% of cb clothing. I recommend the Wilson antenna, especially Wilson 2000 or Wilson 5000. These prices are between $ 50.00 and $ 100.00 and are usually installed. Yes, install it with a technician to configure your SWR for your antenna. SWR- Standing wave rate this makes the radio. If you have 3 or more SWRs, it will burn the radio. Tech uses an SWR meter to connect the coaxial to the antenna to check the reading of the SWR. If it is high, set off some of the antennas by 1/8 "steps until satisfactory ADR is reached. If you do not want to spend a lot on the antenna, at least buy one that can be tuned

Coaxi is another great part that a good technician will catch when installing the "new" antenna, but if you are already using the radio and noticing the performance drops, usually the SWR or the coaxial, the truck stops precise coaxing, you have to replace an 18 "piece to replace the bad thing, which is about $ 25.00, I would suggest a gray or pure coaxi If you just replace the coax, you can do it yourself unless you want to check the SWR.

I hope maybe this lighted out what to buy.

Be safe out there

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