What is the average speed of male ejaculation?

When a person is ready for ejaculation, the body goes through a series of events.

The size of the penis head will increase and the head may change to purple. The Cowper gland selects the "pre-tension" fluid that is discharged from the urethra. The testicles move toward his body and grow in size. Body fatigue, muscle tension, heart rate increase, and rising blood pressure may also occur.

Before ejaculation, you will feel the contractions in your veins, the bladder and the prostate that cause fetal fluid (ejaculate). collect in a pool at the bottom of your penis. You will feel the "tickling" feeling. When you are ready for ejaculation, you will feel your urethra around the urethra.

The ejaculate leaves its penis at about the same speed as a city bus, about 28 miles / hour. But it can reach 43 miles / hour depending on how long it lasted. (It's all fun and play until someone loses your eyes!)

After ejaculation, your scrotum and testicle return to their normal size. It will have a general feeling of relaxation and a refractive period (where it is physically incapable of another erection). This period may vary from a few minutes depending on age

Sex Tip: Unless you are at the point where there is no return, you can stop him from ejaculation by pressing his tip firmly (yet very carefully). the penis

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