What is emotional intelligence on the market?

Let me clarify how I think about emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence, as Daniel Goleman speaks in his books in the same title, is the ability to integrate empathic messages from others or environments and to respond to stimuli – whether customer, associate, boss, or processes, thoughts and emotions, which go from within – in such a way that balance, tranquility, happiness, joy, wisdom, leads to any of the above. When we hear the term "intelligence," we can react to defensiveness or apology. After all, the psychologists of the feature gave us the idea that we all fit into a label or box and we can not change who we are. Companies who were all safe and dedicated to psychology to make sure that an individual is fit or not fit for his work deliberately contributed to our misconceptions.

skills skills and natural abilities. Howard Gardner identifies 8 intelligences or disciplines / natural abilities that characterize people. IQ was the magnitude of brain power in time, but over the years – primarily by experience – brain power is not enough to discuss the complex spaces of human interaction. IQ is only half of the skills needed to gather the culmination and marketing of complex thoughts and complex challenges or negotiations. Emotional intelligence is first described by authors as the natural ability to win friends, to smooth the differences, to handle tense negotiations in a way that increases tensions and restricts people to a positive relationship already in childhood. Many of the features of emotional intelligence are likely to be by-products of low-stress pregnancy, complemented by good nutrition and early supportive environments.

Where I think we are deceiving – a quest for security, thought – that intelligence can not be learned, acquired or placed in Piaget's words. As for me, any of us who takes this hard line has the advantage of clearly identifying those who "have" creates an environment that does not nourish learning ability, integration, and adaptation to intelligence. If we are told that this is a natural ability then we will probably not fully exploit this ability. If we do not offer a caring environment, for example, to cultivate emotionally intelligent abilities, we will not practice either the basics of practice or the successful rational confirmation. Think of Kevin Costner's movie "Fields of Dreams". "If you build it, they come", here is the concept.

Creating an environment where people with emotional intelligence provide a supportive and exemplary environment for others has many benefits. First, an environment that fits into emotionally intelligent aspects – low stress, greater attention, better understanding, and cooperative solution – increases the sustainability of the environment and the sense of accomplishment that some psychologists share in happiness. In an emotionally intelligent market we respond not only to the customer's financial needs, but also to the aspects of interaction that bring added value, the feeling that we are doing the right choice supported by the best staff and wanting to return to such experiences.

It may be thoughtful that this is different from the old good customer service. Customer Service is an etiquette-based system. "The customer is always right" is difficult to prove at the end of the day when the customer is not satisfied with our fund, the quality of our product or service. In an emotionally intelligent market, we identify the aspects of the transaction that may be stressful, which can prevent performance in a financial transaction and find ways to recognize and manage them. Often, these problems are related to stress.

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