What is effective communication?

Effective communication is a somewhat esoteric concept that is often used in business management. However, this can easily be applied to our personal lives.

Simply put, the purpose of effective communication is to improve the understanding of emotional content (* touch the head and impersonation of a bad Bruce Lee) behind any given information. Theoretically, this understanding makes us empathetic and thus better connected with our spouses, colleagues, employers and friends.

The purpose of effective communication is to understand the understanding of communicators by creating a stronger emotional resonance.

Experts in the subject claim that the first step towards a more efficient communicator (if you wish naturally) is to become a better student. You can do this by focusing entirely on the speaker (unlike disturbing or disturbing you) and not interrupting it and demonstrating the interest that the speaker has to say openly.

The next step states that the use of open body language (eg bridging the arms) and highlighting points through the body (such as touching the head for forecasting) are very important for effective communication.

The third step is to focus and then manage stress better. A stressful person, even if their external behavior feels sufficient, gives a lot of anxiety from body language to the post office, so it is best to take your anxiety with you before dealing with others (if possible).

Of course, effective communication is highly emotional-centered as a concept, so the last point raised by the article is to improve your own emotional awareness. In essence, this is our understanding of ourselves and what clicks. It seems obvious, yet simple, but the truth is that most of us have no traces. If you find yourself continuing with petty prisons or friends, spouses, family or collections, there is a good chance that something deeper will disturb you. With higher emotional understanding, you will not only be able to avoid potentially stressful situations, but also be able to recognize patterns you have seen in others, enabling us to become a more empathetic and perfect communicator.

Effective communication is basically about effective communication. It's about improving yourself and others understanding, to live and work in a more harmonious way.

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