Want an iPhone Scanner? Turn on the 5-0 radio

If you have a smart phone, you probably want to play great applications. But if you purchased an iPhone or iPod touch, you probably would not have much money to buy your apps.

Fortunately, there is little feeling more than finding something fun, easy to use and free. The 5-0 radio is a free application that is good enough to offer this trifecta for you. The application developed by New & Popular converts the iPhone or iPod touch into a police scanner. Depending on your personality this can lead to hours or minutes

The user interface of the 5-0 radio is clear and simple. The list of menus allows you to browse through the police station via the scanner feeds. Users can browse the top 100 police news feeds (from most major cities), add their own feed, or even search the Internet if they do not find a feed from a nearby police force.

After a station, the selected 5-0 radio offers another opportunity to help users listen. The most useful element of the menu is the glossary of codes and jargons used by emergency responders and police officers. This small addition is very useful because it helps the average user to keep up with the police scanner, even if they do not know the language.

The quality of police scanners is another area in which 5-0 radio is excellent. When I tried the local station, the audio transmission was crystal clear.

The biggest weakness of the 5-0 radio has nothing to do with the application. This topic. After a while, most police calls are just boring. This is not a "COPS" episode. Crude, unsettled police food. In small towns this means there is much waiting for something to happen, some cats sticking to a tree, and maybe a call from some "punk kids" to the ugly old neighbor on the road. Most students are likely to lose their interest quite quickly.

Police scanner fans will love the 5-0 radio and listen for hours. (If this is you, do not forget to connect the device to a power source so that the battery is not killed.)

Students who do not find enough activity in their homes are fed by the police from the United States

Radio 5-0 another disadvantage of having a WiFi connection. Because iPhone and iPod touch do not have built-in radio transmitters, the application works to make available Internet feeds available from police networks broadcast over the "net" network. 5-0 The radio does not work with the 3G network.

The payphone version of the 5-0 radio is $ 0.99. The premium version includes a music scanner, allowing users to listen to the internet radio between police calls.

Whether you get the lite version for free or skip the $ 0.99 for the premium, the 5-0 radio is an interesting application to listen to while you wait for the store.

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