Various skills

Everyone has an expert area to use their skills as much as possible. If you are in a dormitory and have finished, you can rightly look at the authority on this topic. Likewise, if you experience long working conditions in a particular area, this may indicate that you know how things work in this regard. In each of these cases, these are things that employers will look for when they apply for their businesses. These are definitely useful for the bands.

But let's say you have a degree in engineering. Or he has worked for engineer for at least ten years. It's not your fault, the company you're working on, is being circumvented and looking for a new job. But as the old company breaks down now, the engineers' market is crowded and the companies still operating are considering cost-cutting to compete in this crowded market. You've been looking for a job for a long time before you find gold. At times of economic downturn, expertise may be less beneficial than it should be.

You never have the time to learn a second (or third, or … you get the pictures). It is worth looking at the future even during work. Statistics show that many spend on average two to three years. This happens for many reasons – career opportunities, layoffs, illnesses, etc. – in addition – and often the change is unforeseeable. So you should know about your weapon. Learn another language study, acquire a bookkeeping course, or learn a trade like A plumbing or electricity is just a few extra skills that are particularly common to appear.

There are different opinions about how to choose the best extra ability. Some people say that if you work for example as an electrician, the learning plumbing is a useful second skill. After all, when new houses are built, plumber and electricians will need to complete the work. It builds a number of contact persons who will be able to work the way. Others disagree and say that learning of significantly different abilities is best because when there are not many new houses built, electricians and plumber can find themselves in the same boat – but the accountant can have a lot of work. Both sides of the argument have advantages and disadvantages, but it is best to decide on yourself because it is undeniable that people learn the best when they are most comfortable.

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