Using your mobile phone in Ecuador

Mobile phone use in Ecuador is simple. Remove your phone from your country. There is a good chance that this is a new model, a four-color GSM phone that will work in Ecuador. Try first, go to the many Porta or Movistar distributors that sell phones in the city and ask them if they have a "sim card" that will work on your phone. They try and if it works, it's great because it's not easier than this. Keep in mind that you need a locked phone. I will not go into details because you can search this information online. If the SIM card works on your phone, just fill in the phone number. This is the same as the prepaid minutes. Both Porta and Movistar use this concept. If you want to stay for a long time, you can also choose a plan.

If the SIM option does not work on your phone, you need to buy a phone. There are many to choose from and the better phones will not come cheap. They expect to pay US prices. However, if we are not interested in the phone, there is a good starter type phone available both for Movistar and Porta for about $ 50.00 US. Both companies have an Amigo kit that provides a basic phone and a few minutes of talk time to start.

Cellular coverage for a country that is reliably developing in Ecuador. Capitals such as Quito and Guayaquil have extensive coverage. In the Andes the valleys are often very stained, while at the top of the mountains and ridges there is usually a signal. The main seaside resorts are actually well served. Smaller communities have poor or no coverage. Distant parts of the Amazon basin generally do not have coverage. As you build multiple cell walls, coverage within the country is expected to improve. More money is invested in infrastructure projects across the country. Ecuador is heavily dependent on tourism, so things are changing for the future.

The simplicity of making a mobile phone in Ecuador easier for you to get even if you can not speak the language. In the worst case, the initial phone costs $ 50.00.

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