Using Videos on Your Site

Using videos on your site will help consumers understand what they are buying or how it works. The advantage of this is that the user can see vigorously what his product or service is and not use his own imagination. The next few paragraphs will discuss this.

There are three options. The first option is to upload a video to a site like YouTube, then copy the embed code and place it on our website or blog. Each YouTube video contains a button that says "Embed Video", click to display a menu that has the embedded HTML code. Copy this code and paste it into your site's source code. There are also scaling options that have 560 x 340 default sizes under the video window. There are also options like changing the skin of the video player; You can do this by designing your site, although your skin is limited.

The advantage of using video carriers like YouTube is "so easy" if you have an account. Another thing is that it's free, so you don't have to worry about getting a high-bandwidth bill if the video is seen by many users. YouTube also has Google's nearest search engine, which means that the video is easy to find. This will eventually attract more people to your site. The disadvantage of using a video host is the design restriction and the link. Not only your site, but also traffic is being brought to your attention. Users have the opportunity to view the video on YouTube.

Another option is to use an open source flash player. You can download it from the Internet for free and add it to your site's code. This player can run any selected video. These downloadable players can be found on a large number of websites. The good thing is that you can easily change your skin to match your website design. Of course you have to pay the bandwidth costs yourself.

The latest option is to use the services of a video production company. They can also make and receive the video. The video player will surely match the branding and design of your site. This is the best solution, but the disadvantage is cost. Professional design is costly, but you can be sure that it is worth it.

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