Use Online Audio to create a personal connection

Audio can be the perfect tool for business owners, especially speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches and other infopreneurs, to spread their message and promote their business. Creates a stronger connection than just written text and is easier to produce than high quality video.

In the past it was expensive and difficult to provide online sound. The internet was slow, special software was needed, and the quality was bad. But this is no longer the case. Now you can easily access high-quality, fast-loading audio content on your site.

Why Sound?

Here are some of the advantages of using audio on your website and other ways:

  • Creating a Personal Relationship: Audio creates more personal relationships than written text because the audience can hear your voice.
  • Creating Experience: Combine music, sound, sound effects and a richer experience than written text.
  • Portable Audio Devices: People do not have to listen to their computer and can do it while performing multi-tasking tasks.
  • Easy to create: easy to record audio – just need a microphone.
  • Teach something: Some of your teaching materials can translate sound well.
  • Control: Relatively easy to record, edit, and publish sound.
  • Get a Competitive Advantage: Despite many benefits, most businesses do not use online audio effectively.

Why Now?

Three things now make it possible to make and attract online audio:

  • Better Tools: Easy tools to create high quality clips and publish them on the web. No longer requires special complex equipment and software.
  • Broadband Internet: The cost of broadband internet has decreased and more and more people have access. In the past, the problem with audio was that it had been downloaded for a while, and the sound quality was terrible – a dashed buffered sound. Broadband has made it possible to download high quality streaming audio and simple large files.
  • MP3 and Embedded Players: In the past, there were many different audio formats and players. So it was a bit "hit" or "miss miss" if users could listen to audio clips. It can now be divided into two standards: MP3 is the de facto standard of audio files; and HTML5 or Flash as the most commonly used technology to play audio on websites.

What content works best in audio?

A wide variety of content can be published – here are just a few:

    • ]: Read our newsletter aloud.
    • Teleseminars : Record teleseminars and publish records.
    • Webinars : If webinars are not very visual, they are also published as sound.
    • CD Extracts : If you have already created CD products, you convert them to downloadable MP3 files.
    • Interviews : Interview with other experts or ask them to interview.
    • Book Reviews : When you read a book, record a short book.
    • Performances : Record workshops, seminars and other performances.
    • Consultation Sessions : Private coaching, mentoring or counseling.
    • Audiobooks : Read the book aloud to convert it to audiobook.
    • New Material : Creating New Material!

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