Use Body Language to develop communication skills

We have all heard the old truth: communication is key. It is impossible to lead a normal happy life without understanding and understanding one person. We've found languages, gestures, phones, computers … … they've definitely gone to incredible lengths to be able to communicate with as many people as we can. Still, many people still feel unaffected.

Here I present the obvious: the need for communication is one of the most basic and important human needs. We are looking for ways to join in any way, and when traditional tools, such as conversations with friends, fail, we will turn to increasingly complex methods. This is the need to maintain many web sites, life coaches and therapists in business.

Strangely enough, in our eternal occupation, to stay in touch, we often miss the most obvious chance and way of joining. The New York City art project has only 60 piano installations across the city because the artist, Luke Jerram, who imagined the project, wanted to help people communicate better. Jerram observed people in public places and noticed that although the same people came back to the same place as coins, they could not recognize each other each week. He thought that public pianos could give people a better chance of communicating.

Learning to play the piano to connect, is a great idea, but it may be a little too far. Fortunately, millions of other ways are surrounded by non-verbal communication. One of these is body language.

We always use it consciously, but body language can be used consciously. One thing I teach my students when I teach them how to dance is to know the language of their bodies. If you are already aware of the signs you have quietly sent to the people around you, they will be more successful in dancing and in all other aspects of your life. Think of a person who stands up, looks at people in his eyes and smiles. Think of a person who slips and avoids eye contact or displeasure on his face. Which person would you buy? Or even paradise? Which person feels more comfortable to dance?

Body language is what you use, whether you like it or not. So if you find out why people are responding in a certain way, what is worth examining with your body and facial expressions. And if you need help, but you think that taking up a lifetime is a bit extreme, there is always a chance to find a hobby, such as dancing or action, where you learn to be more aware of your body if you do something. I guarantee that your communication skills will dramatically improve after getting acquainted with some basic facts about your body language and who can't use better communication skills?

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