Upping Listeng Skills 9 Times – Empathy and Listening: How to Make a Fantastic Functional Student

Did anyone say you're not listening very well? Well, this happened to me from a girlfriend of the past. You sure hurt. I answer him, "We" I was not funny either. It was natural to say. You have had financial problems and tried to solve your problem. At that time, he said I did not really listen, at all.

So this was one of the tips. Do not try to fix people. It's hard to do it. As I taught these abilities to listen to an older person in the 80's, he told me he could not stop trying to guess someone. It was impossible to try to try. He just had to fix it. It is also far from being cut off with someone. Adjust the fastening. Please?

Another tip that is almost impossible to try to answer someone who speaks a valuable question. Do you like honesty or trust? This is a way to raise a question and relationship. I teach it very simply, but they do not get it. A paradigm shift. People do not want to use values ‚Äč‚Äčeven when they have built great communication. Generally they answer because they do not know the understanding. Feel good

We can talk to someone else. You're talking to them with understanding. This is a deeper understanding that someone is going through or experiencing. Empathy is not a word we use in life, even if the president said he was using it. Nobody really knows what it means. It's just a deeper understanding for somebody. They do not feel their feelings. Who wants to feel bad? Yet this is the way to get in touch with someone deeper. In fact, both feel good.

One thing that everyone wants to do is one. This is trying to make someone's story look smaller than the story that is on top of it. Use this crazy way to communicate. Guess, no one likes it if their story looks smaller than it is. We recommend people to empathy. Yes, deeper understanding through the connection. You will be creating a new friend.

So Empathy is 2 things. One such question would you like _______? An empty need or a quality word, for example, is honesty if someone does not tell the whole story. This can be care, love, healing or quality. Do not try to give too much empathy. It does a little bit, or it sounds like a psychologist.

So entertain yourself with this paradigm shift with communication skills. Amazing!

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