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When we told everything and the radio still bumps into underground musical or commercial objects. I know the age of the Internet and most people listen to the content of their iPods rather than the content of radio stations. However, there are still people who prefer human interaction offered by a DJ and the fact that they do not know exactly which song they will play while simultaneously communicating the new music that comes out. Don't forget people who have been stuck for a long time and are going back and forth. Many will turn on the radio. I'm not just talking about the 40 best commercial stations here. There are plenty of smaller radio stations and special radio programs that match the niche markets. Playing music on the radio is still important and can be very useful for your career.

Over the last few years, radio has changed a lot. Many stations have strengthened large conglomerates such as Clear Channel. The emphasis is on the game people want to hear and on the sponsorship of sponsors who deliver their station revenue through their ads.

So, how does the underground artist get to the radio? Well, there are a lot of ways, but first you have to ask yourself a simple question: What are you trying to achieve with the aircraft and what is your budget? Try your promotion compared to your tour, which is different from promoting your album. Your music style (such as rock or hiphop) will also play an important role in choosing the right promotion method. For underground music, you may be looking for special programs and college radio stations.

You can do or use different services and target stations and radio programs you are trying to reach. If you have to do more professional work and do not have much experience in the radio business, you may want to add a radio promoter to complete the task. This is not cheap as it can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a campaign. Obviously, if you just start, you'll probably keep your budget at a very low level while still getting the big bang. The task of the radio promoter is to send the CDs and packages containing a short page and follow the radio station. It seems very simple and you may not be able to send these packages and you can contact the radio station yourself. However, the result will be limited.

Let's start by spreading the common myth. If you think the DJ controls the songs played in the air, you are a coarse awakening. In most cases, the station's program director (PD) calls the recordings.

Mostly, a radio promoter has already established a connection with PD at the station where he wants to get the game.

If you try to hit special radio programs, you can usually get rid of professional CDRs. On the other hand, if you want to get more commercial radio stations, you need to use glass jars. Don't forget the best tracks first. If you think a PD has the time to go on three / four mediocre tracks to reach a good track, then it's dead bad.

The photo radio stations are strange beast. Some of their specialty accept CDRs, while the main programming will probably not be less than a professional CD. This, of course, depends on the popularity of the college and the radio station.

If you want to try radio promotion yourself and find no information on how to send music on your site, it is best to contact the radio by email.

You can easily find a list of radio stations with a little network research. Don't use the rifle and send things out of the box. Do your research and find out which programs are best and how to get in touch with them. In most cases, with some perseverance, you will learn how you want them to send them. The easiest way to send the material directly to the garbage is to send it to the station at the wrong station or person.

Remember that many Internet radio stations exist, and their number is increasing every day and it is a little easier to contact them and play music. Remember that it's not just songs. Some trade shows can really ask for an interview. Get ready and remember to mention your website and upcoming events or albums …

If you decide to go to the full nine yards and hire a radio supporter, do your homework and make sure make sure you designate the right person for the job. Most radio promoters specialize in certain music styles (rap, r & b, metal, industrial, hip music, etc.).

If you plan well and know what you're looking for, the radio can play a key role in getting your band / music out there. Don't forget your homework before you start and good luck.

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