Types of innovation

Creativity can be defined as problem identification and idea generation while innovation can be defined by idea-selection, development, and distribution.

There are other useful definitions in this area, such as creativity number ideas, many different ideas and many new ideas.

There are various processes that improve the identification and brainstorming of the problem, as well as similar distinct processes that promote choice of ideas, development, and trade. Although commercial success is unsafe, these processes improve the likelihood of generating and choosing good ideas and that investing in developing and selling ideas is not wasted.

Types of Innovation

According to Tidd et al. (2005) there are four types of innovation; consequently, the innovator has four ways to investigate the search for good ideas:

a) Product Innovation – Developing new products or products. New Mini or updated VX Beetle, new mobile phone models, etc.

(b) Innovation in the process – where part of the process is improved to benefit.

c) Positioning Innovation – Lucozade was a medical drug, but sports drink was relocated

d) Paradigm Innovation – where significant changes in thinking change. During the expensive mainframe, Bill Gates and others aim to provide a home computer for everyone.

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