Top 23 free music streaming online sites

Music is life. It inspires, elevates, changes the moods and has the power to highlight the best. Without music, the world wouldn't be great. There are several ways to access and listen to music, especially in the modern world.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it has become very easy for us to access music through online media such as smartphones, tablets and mobile phones. . If you want to get unlimited access to great music that won't cost you money, here are the 23 best places.

Spotify t Users can open the site and listen to music on the desktop, laptop, tablet and Apple devices.

iHeart Radio

This page is one of the best online music sites, any paid subscription option. With over 18 million songs, 4500 artists and 1,500 live radio stations, this site offers the best opportunities for all music lovers.

The sixty-one

have some great songs that are unpopular, want this free music streaming site. They choose excellent songs that have not been heard yet and have been placed in the light. Artists publish their songs while users can listen to songs, add comments, and support songs.


There are very few websites that allow users to find great music, talented artists and exceptional bands like Last. m. Users can also use the radio option on the website to find fresh music.


This site is like an online radio station where you can find different tracks but with little difference. By signing up, users will give details of their favorite music genres, and Pandora will automatically transfer songs of interest to them.

iTunes Radio

Apple's primary online music streaming channel needs no introduction. Users have access to over 25 million songs; can play on Mac and other iOS devices. The site is updated with new songs every day


Enter the world of unlimited music with the sound collection of SoundCloud, the most creative talent on the planet. The uniqueness of the site is due to its unique features, compatibility and ability to share in social media


The RDIO model offers music lovers something special on other sites. Users can listen to their favorite songs or albums, create a playlist, and listen to songs on multiple platforms, such as Android, Windows, and iOS.

Slacker Radio

Listen to your favorite songs without having to download the Slacker radio platform. Users have access to more than 10 million songs that can be played anytime and anywhere

Listen to songs, get talented bands, get music information, free for everyone. is an online music streaming site. It has cool features that allow you to choose songs like years and genres.


There are very few free online music streaming sites that can beat Grooveshark. Users have the opportunity to discover cool features such as unlimited streaming, social integration, folders, and music selection.

YouTube Disco

Although this site is not well known, you can search for songs and playlists. You can also find your favorite artists and use it online without having to download them.

Amazon Cloud Game

With this free online streaming platform, music lovers can upload their existing playlists and listen to them at any time. Additionally, if you buy any music on Amazon, cloudplay will automatically add it to your playlist.


This is a search engine for some special music lovers. With TubeRadio, users can search for songs and display a list. The site is based on YouTube to find and display the songs you are looking for.


The Internet radio phenomenon and the living 365 have come to make magic even more realistic. The website allows users to find online radio to listen to their favorite songs in different parts of the world.


The playlist has moved to a different level thanks to its innovative 8track style. Anyone can register on the site, choose eight numbers and share. If you like the playlist, you can follow the author or pass it on to social media.


Jelli offers music listeners the power to invite and listen to a listened music. Thus, site owners will know which songs they need to play more often and which ones they need to eliminate.



The mood-based playlist is becoming more and more popular because it is unique. The songs are marked on a playlist based on their mood. Users can find the created playlist and skip as I want to listen to the songs.

This site is a unique, free music streaming site that immerses users into a community. Anyone can register and join a room where the DJ plays songs based on their choice. If you have an empty DJ slot, you can do it and serve others


While other online music streaming tones focus on the global audience, CitySound focuses on local content. Users can find their favorite music that is created or dominated in a particular place or city.

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